A green date

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The flowers cried
to see me cut and lay bare
A show of solidarity;
 at least they cared

The quietness belied the sinister
The fall too added colour,

 Oh, what irony!
to hear passers-by
marvel at the beauty,
but not reckon its cruelty

A few hands nurture
A hundred, but, torture
I cried to thee,
 let me be
Why the hate, when I’m your mate?

I plead to humanity
allow me to live, to multiply
Your own life is at stake
Yet you repeat the mistake

It’s not too late,
to re-write your fate
let’s go on a green date

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe- my first for Write Tribe.


  1. Green dates are needed. Nice message.
    Very touching words, Uma.

  2. mankind is being cruel to nature.. i wonder what will happen if NATURE becomes cruel to mankind


    1. It's already showing..droughts and floods at the same time, increased temperatures..still we remain defiant!

  3. Nice message and so true we neglect nature and forget that it's fury can annhiliate us !

  4. Your words touch my heart, Uma. Such a heartfelt plea. I hope the world is listening. Lovely, lovely take :)

    1. Thank you so much, Shailaja! yes, hope things change..

  5. When one man does not leave another man, how will he leave nature.

    1. Yes, that's the sad truth, Ushaji..can only hope for better sense to prevail in the future. Thanks for visiting :-)

  6. Lovely poem Uma! Really sad that man is acting as if he owns earth. We are but a part of it ..

    1. yes, Aarthy..last evening about 4 huge coconut trees that lined the outside of my complex wall were uprooted. Supposedly, for an upcoming road! Can you imagine my pain?

  7. Love each and every word, in particular the last ones. It touched the heart on the despairing world gone blind and who will not spare nature & life for their dirty end.

  8. Oh, this gave me goosebumps. The rhyming is just so wonderful and freeing.


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