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When I was at my parents’ house prior to my marriage, I could have easily qualified as the quintessential procrastinator. Never felt the urgency to finish any task told to be performed. That I would agree to finish off one itself was considered a favour and relief (by folks). My sister would invariably shoulder more responsibilities around the house and I would get away doing very little (quite negligible). I shaped up (improved) a little after my sister got married. I do not know why I was the way I was at that time. I can put it down to being just lazy and also I knew for a fact that if I didn’t do it someone else will do it. The following scene is only an example. You could replace the request for anything else (read doing work) and the scene would have unfolded in almost similar fashion.

Scene 1: The clothes are piled up waiting to be folded.

Sister: Please fold the clothes
Me: hmm..later.
Sister: when?
Me: after some time, maybe evening.

Evening comes; the request- now taking t…

R times

R will turn 18 months on the 26th of this month. Here's a quick update for this month:

We have to keep R constantly engaged especially while changing his diapers else he would run off. So we come up with newer things to “teach” him and ask him to repeat after us only so he has his mind off the fact that he is lying still for a few minutes of diaper-change. During one such occasion we taught him the months of the year. It would have been just a couple of times we did that but R now says them all (of course in his baby “mazhalai” language).

He can count numbers one to ten in Hindi, English and Tamil. Of the three languages, he says it the best in Tamil. The way he stresses on “anjju” and “ombanddu” always brings a smile on my face. In English he generally skips the numbers seven and eight. Hindi version needs some practice..;-)

His recitation of the Alphabets is amusing. He says A, B, C, D, F, G, H, Y, Z, “H” and “X” being phonetically similar.

He enacts these nursery rhymes while I…

Are You Fair Enough?

I am talking about skin colour here. If you are even one shade less than a white-washed tone, you better start using the fairness products else god forbid you may lose the job interview, remain a spinster all your life, suffer nasty remarks from the road side pani-puri Walla and such other dreadful consequences.

Seriously, what are the Ad companies thinking when they show ads where a person using a fairness cream has an interview panel groveling before him to accept the job or a lady who is already ready to give the sun tough competition is depressed about her skin not glowing enough? A fair-skin can get you your dream job, win beauty pageants, the man of your dreams, and in short have the heavens and lady luck licking your feet. Never mind education and knowledge. That is for the less fortunate ones. The colour of the skin rather than person’s inherent qualities like confidence, talent or even education determines his or her destiny. I am surprised that no one has thought of suing th…

Where's the mother tongue?

What is with parents and even grand parents these days to speak to their wards only in English? I stay in a complex that has roughly 500 flats and almost each having at least one kid. I meet so many parents with their children in the park area and all I get to hear is conversations in English. The percentage is slightly lower if the kid is below 2 years old but if the child is in the pre-school age or above that, in 8 out of 10 cases, across all communities, I witness the English-obsession scenario.

Earlier we were not exposed as much to the CBSE and ICSE boards of schooling as we are today. International schools were a rarity. Only parents who migrated from abroad had their wards speaking in heavily accented English much to awe and envy of us lesser-mortals. English-speaking was considered hip then and we all tried desperately to “fit” in. The situation as I see is has not changed much even today. I agree that good written and spoken English is an important skill today and hence ne…

About a holiday well spent and some other plans

We are back from a short but lovely weekend trip to Ooty. We clubbed it along with a friend’s wedding at Tiruppur-about 100 kms from Ooty. It was quite a last minute decision to club the two trips and expectedly, as is the case with last minute bookings, the travel and accommodation booking was quite a crazy affair. Some things went in our favour, some didn’t. In hindsight, would have liked to change a few things; however the holiday mood and spirit was not to be dampened.

We stayed at a hotel named Sherlock managed by Little Earth group of hotels. A heritage villa turned into a hotel, the entire ambience was a visual treat and pleasure to stay. As the name suggests, it is named after the famous detective of the Arthur Conan Doyle novel- The Sherlock Holmes Series. The rooms are named after some popular thriller titles in the series- The Baskervilles, The Dancing Men, The Copper Beeches, The Three Gables and The Gloria Scott; the restaurant was called “Irene Adler- Holmes idea of a …

New updates about R

It is amazing to note how each month unfolds newer aspects in your toddler. What seemed a hurdle last month for the child is now a mere activity. Every aspect of development shows a significant leap in terms of growth.

Recognizes shapes – At 17 months, R can now recognize various shapes. Although he says the relevant word for each one, only the adoring mother can make out what he means. For example:

Tarke -- circle
Pae -- square
Aeta -- rectangle
Tan -- triangle
Heart -- heart
Jing -- ring
Ova -- oval
Koob -- cube
Kone -- cone
Mand -- diamond
Taar -- star

He says moon for crescent since he associates it with the shape of the moon.

Identifies the characters of his favourite books

R can identify almost all the objects in his favourite books. He has these sparkly books that introduces animals found in a jungle, ocean and underwater in the form of a nice story. R loves to browse through these books and exclaim with joy the names of animals as he does so.

Beaky -- name…