She fell flat on her rear #100words #Drabbleweek

Anu never liked children. So, before the couple moved into their new home, she had made discreet inquiries to make sure there weren’t any families with little children.

That afternoon, Anu ventured out to the nearby nursery to pick some of her favourite saplings.   

She remembered walking brusquely and then falling flat on her rear. Annoyed and embarrassed Anu quickly rose to stare into a twinkling pair of eyes.

The brute had his mouth full of a freshly peeled banana.

 “Solly..” he babbled endearingly with a contrite look. “Aunty hurt?”

“Why am I not angry?” wondered Anu, her heart melting.

Word count: 100

Written in response to the day 1 prompt " She fell flat on her rear" at the Drabble week for marathon bloggers.

A broken promise #Drabble Week Day 1 #55fiction

Raina had once made a promise to an unwed mother, her best friend.

Coming of age had been tough enough, but snide remarks from her peers about her birth had been too much for Aditi to handle.

Raina took a deep breath and called Aditi to her side.

Some promises were meant to be broken.  


Word count: 55

Written in response to the day 1 prompt " The broken promise" at the Drabble week for marathon bloggers.

The performer- #Five Sentence Fiction

She dazzled in her white suit lighting every dark corner with her sheer presence and power.

With every performance she won a thunderous applause keeping everyone hypnotized and mesmerized.

However, the adulation left her dizzy with pride and she turned ruthless in her way, threatening to quieten anyone who dared to challenge her.

As they say pride goes before a fall and so it happened on a stormy night when she stumbled and fell.

But the great fall did have an unfortunate effect on aspiring lives that got prematurely cut.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction Prompt: Dazzles. Check out other dazzling entries here.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Mission accomplished

 “Don’t move” growled the gangster, pointing a gun to Ria’s head.

 A defense expert, she kicked him hard and pulled the trigger twice; the code.

Within minutes several uniformed men surrounded the smuggling den.

“Yet another successful undercover operation”, rejoiced Ria.

Word count:42

The confinement- Five Sentence Fiction

I spotted her brooding silently in a corner.

She looked divine in pristine white, her large doe shaped eyes looking wistfully at a distant object, her delicate fingers brushing away the stray strand of hair that fell on her cheek.

She hasn’t changed in all these years, I mused, thinking about the time when I secretly loved Dia.

“Talk to her, Krish. Perhaps she’ll respond” whispered Dia’s father, his voice almost pleading.

After her husband’s sudden death, Dia had withdrawn into a shell that no one could penetrate and it was left to me, her oldest and best friend to talk her out of her grief.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The Hideout #Friday Fictioneers

Copyright -Mary Shipman

Wiping off the sweat that trickled down his forehead, Babu drove through the heavy rain. The day was losing light as fast as he was running out of time.

As though on cue, Babu chanced upon the lone, weather-worn house amidst the thicket.  “Someone must have once built the home with great love” he reflected briefly.

“I’m doing this for my love too”, mused Babu as he pushed the suitcase filled with money through the open window into the house.

He checked around furtively and then paced about in anxious anticipation for the next call; from his daughter’s kidnapper. 

Word count:99
Written for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a fiction of 100 words, more or less, using the photo prompt as a cue. Hop here to read the other entries.

Path of Dharma

This is a different version in answer to the 55 word challenge of the previous post that combined all three photo prompts. Since I've already linked the first story, this will just remain a post on my blog as I was not willing to let go of this story. Let me know what you think.


Karna often thought about his own biological mother and his more fortunate brothers who had the privilege of her warmth.

Was it truly his fault?

His true desires were tied to shackles because of the choices he felt compelled to make to adhere to his conscience.

Is there ever an easy path to attain salvation?

A 55er based on the life of Karna, the mythological character of Mahabharta. Using the photo prompts here again purely as a reference point.

Pearls of wisdom

I dreamed of our golden future which began on a promising road to success. Only, I did not realize when the power of making money became an obsession; turning me into its slave.

“Of what use is all money when you cannot be with your family?”

Years later, you’d impart this moral to our child.

Word count:55

This is a  post written in response to the 55 Word Challenge and uses the three picture prompts below. All pictures are copyright of the 55 Word Challenge.


ETA: I've penned a different version in answer to this challenge that again combines all three photo prompts. Since I've already linked this story to the challenge, the other one will just remain a post on my blog. Do hop on to the post-Path of Dharma and let me know what you think.

The final call #Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright-Ted Strutz

The harbour was buzzing with activity that winter morning. There was a nip in the air that cut through the strange calmness in the mood despite the hustle-bustle. 

The big vessel let out its final call. I had several packages in my caravan and was already running late. Yet, my stride felt heavy; as though someone was watching, calling out to me.

Of course! Looking out of the opposite window was a blue-eyed boy waving out to me.

I broke out in cold sweat.

The dentist, I'd heard, had shut his clinic last week after his only son died tragically. 

Word count: 100
Written for Friday Fictioneers

An urban morning

The alarm buzzes with alacrity
there’s no time for lethargy

The cuppa brews slowly,
the brain rattles loudly

Did I turn on the geyser?
Oops, don’t let the milk boil over

Morning noises; honking school buses
bustling with energy
heralding new synergy
Word count: 42

The Rival- A Five Sentence Fiction

Emma slammed the door behind her; her blood-shot eyes brimmed with fresh set of tears. Feelings of shock, disbelief, anger, self-pity and a quiet resolve melted into one another as quickly as milk into water even as the thought of her being replaced unceremoniously sunk in. Her love and trust had been shaken to witness the treachery and she vowed to fight back.

Back inside, the family had gathered to welcome and celebrate the arrival of the new member, fussing over her beauty and delicateness.

With her eyes tightly shut , Emma mouthed a silent prayer, “Dear God, please make mamma and papa take the baby back to the hospital. I didn't want a sister”, and threw a coin into the wishing well.

In response to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt: Wishes

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The win (55 fiction)

ETA: This post won the "Honorable mention award" for the #55wordchallenge2014 for #weekfifteen . Truly a win for me too as it was my first attempt at the challenge. Check out the winner and overachiever for the same challenge here.


Tushar pedaled through the night as the cycling finalist to cross inter-state boundaries.  Exhilaration set in, not when he crossed the finish line at dawn break, but when he spotted the lone red telephone booth and placed the first call to his expecting wife.

“Congrats!” said Richa "It’s a girl."

“I've truly won!” gushed Tushar.

Word count:55

This is a  post written in response to the55 Word Challenge and uses the three picture prompts below.All pictures are copyright of the 55 Word Challenge

A green date

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The flowers cried
to see me cut and lay bare
A show of solidarity;
 at least they cared

The quietness belied the sinister
The fall too added colour,

 Oh, what irony!
to hear passers-by
marvel at the beauty,
but not reckon its cruelty

A few hands nurture
A hundred, but, torture
I cried to thee,
 let me be
Why the hate, when I’m your mate?

I plead to humanity
allow me to live, to multiply
Your own life is at stake
Yet you repeat the mistake

It’s not too late,
to re-write your fate
let’s go on a green date

Written for 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe- my first for Write Tribe.

Facing the ultimate truth

It's not easy to bid goodbye
to the soul who has left our side;

No words can soothe or aid
the person who's been bereaved 

A cruel reminder of the eternal truth-
after life, comes always death
leaves the griever in despair
asking God, "is it fair?" 

Denial, grief, anger and acceptance
all follow a natural succession

but he who leaves us to be with Him
tells us to be brave and strong within

It takes a while; 
only time can travel the mile
to teach the aggrieved to come alive,
and start again with a smile