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The birthday bash

After going over several times in my head and discussing it with hubby about whether we needed a birthday party for R, we decided that this time, we shall have one at home with all his friends over. Even after making a conservative guest list, I hit a figure of 35 odd invitees including the children and adults. Phew! all of them in my house for an evening had me in jitters. I had woken up to the party call just 10 days prior to the D-day, so that left me with just ample time to pull up my socks and hit the action button.

I was going to outsource all the food since I have neither the passion, ability or the resources to cook up a party menu for so many. It had to be all finger foods was something I was sure of. As a first order menu, I decided on Dhokla, some non-spicy kababs, finger chips, popcorn, cake and juice. Now, finding a good joint supplying these at a reasonable rate was a challenge. Most of the restaurants nearby were big names who would not undertake a relatively smallish or…


So, the boys turned a year older,
have they turned a tad wiser?
Of the older one, I can't say
but the younger is definitely naughtier

Birthdays are fun, for young or old
it is all about you and you,
the norm, tad dulled for the dad
by the arrival of the lad

Why's that, you ask?
With the special days falling
back to back,
any wonder then, the glory is
a little skewed to bask?

A party for the little fella
was all fun and gala
The older chap was but
not forgotten
and a special lunch for him
did happen

Wishing the two
fabulous years ahead
replete with fun, health
and wealth
May God keep me too blessed
to be with the love of my life-
oh, make it two!

P.S. It was the husband's birthday on the 25th and R's birthday on the 26th.

School admissions and such related stuff

Dealing with school admissions these days definitely amounts to research work akin to the ones done before getting a Ph.d. Starting with what board to choose from, to checking out schools in the vicinity, to evaluating their curriculum and not the least, their (astronomical) fee structure. Adding to the confusion is the varied parental reviews about each school. 

As you'd have guessed by now, we have been dealing with R's school admission process in the past few months. Unlike many other parents, we did not do a tour of schools in our locality. The fact that baring a couple of schools, most schools are situated at a distance of minimum of 13-14 kms from our place, made our job easier. Yes, most reputed schools are quite far and yet, surprisingly a humungous crowd goes to these schools from our complex. Therefore, 
we fall in the minority category of parents who attach more importance to distance among other factors. 

We checked out only two schools in the end, and went ahead with…

The Stopover by Mr. Ram Prakash and Deepa Pinto

So, I was one of the few privileged persons to get a copy of The Stopover- A photo-fiction book. As the title suggests, it is a one of its kind photo-fiction book with four simple yet beautifully woven stories that has a generous dose of splendid photographs from around India-  Leh to Channapatna, Ooty to Kolathur.

The book is authored by Ram Prakash and co-authored by Deepa Pinto. Mr. Ram Prakash owns a flat in the complex where I stay, although he does not live here. As a special release, and on popular demand, he arranged to get a few pre-ordered copies delivered to our complex on as a Diwali bonanza and that's how I got to be one among the early birds to get to read the book.

The stories are refreshing and simple yet have an underlying message at the end for the readers to ponder upon. Each story reflects upon the lives of the people from different backgrounds, with actual photos from that location to make the reading more powerful and enriching.

The first story-The Tibetan …

Celebrating Diwali

Diwali is here. Usually, I am at my parent's place around this time of the year. This is the first time in five years that I am celebrating the festival of lights in my house with just the three of us and a whole lot of friends to compensate for our family. And, this also meant, I had to indulge in the usual pre-Diwali preparations which included making of the Diwali sweets and savouries that I'd conveniently skipped so far at the parents' house.

However, I was pretty excited from the word go and was looking forward to buying diyas, decorative lights, sprucing up the home and even making the bakshanams (the sweets and savouries). Last week was a whirlwind activity of polishing off the dust and clutter from the house. There was a donation drive in our complex and I happily gave away some old clothes to under-privileged children. I planned ahead and shopped for the lovely lights, decorative diyas and ready-to-make rangoli design moulds. These moulds are a big boon for peopl…

What happens mid-air at times..

Last night I watched a very interesting show on National Geographic about aircraft disasters that were tracked to maintenance issues. Now, usually, I don't like watching violent or gory stuff but this wasn't either; a very well constructed show that took you through three different instances (reconstructed parts) that felt like watching a thriller movie.

First incident: Somewhere in the west-coast of the United States: A few minutes after the aircraft was air-bound and the passengers settling into their routine, there was a loud thud and the people on board were in for a shocking sight: the roof of the airplane got ripped off and the plane started tottering dangerously. "The oxygen masks came down but the outside pressure was so huge that the fingers were going numb and the entire head was swathed in excruciating pain", recalled a survivor. The oxygen masks were to last only until 30 minutes, hence the aircraft had to be brought to a lower altitude. The aircraft made…