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On my experience of working with a designer.

When I began my search for an interior designer who'd give wings to my thoughts, I reached out to people- strangers and friends alike- for reference. However, I was drawing a blank for some or the other reasons. It was pure serendipity that I chanced upon Neelu's site (CozyNest interiors)during a random Google search for designers residing in this area. I really liked what I saw. A little more research and I was thrilled to note only glowing comments from all her clients giving me the much needed push to write her an email.

I received a prompt reply and soon we scheduled our first meeting. Much like meeting a prospective groom I was apprehensive about what to expect. I was unsure about how I was to decide if she was "the one". I was besieged by worrisome thoughts of what if I didn't like her designs? What if she didn't understand my idea of a home? What if we couldn't find a middle ground? So on and so forth. 

I needn't have bothered at all. The moment…