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Hyderabad tales-II

Part one here

-Kollu pati, fondly called as ko-pati by her great grandchildren, is pampering R with home-made tengoyal, seedai, vadams,etc.

-R is only too happy to lap up all the extra attention of his doting chitti-pati and chitappa-tatha too.

-The neighbours too seem to want to indulge R. R has found a new found interest in the ancient lift that functions at the aunt's. The grilled doors that close with great difficulty, that groans at every halt and starts and stops with a great jolt is a big hit with R. He wants to keep travelling up and down in it, much to the amusement of the neighbours who are willing to accompany him in his adventure. He being a friendly kid has only won him more friends, all of whom are maamis, akkas and annas.

-One flat here is also a home for two big fat hens (big can hen as R calls them). So, another added attraction for R. He got up one afternoon saying cuk-cuk-kozhi and insisted on visiting them at that very instant.

-What is R's amma doing? Enjo…

B'lore to Hyd

-We reached Bangalore Airport just in time for boarding, courtesy - the cab we booked turned up 20 mins late. We checked in our luggage and waited for the security check in the queue. Usually, the line for the ladies is longer and takes time. But this time, I came out with R much faster to see hubby still stuck. He was the third person in the queue. Then as the queue moved forward, I realized that the queue he was in was just to place the cabin luggage on the scanner trail. There was another huge line beside this one for the actual security screening. Just then, a flight attendant came up to announce that the boarding call for our flight was nearly over and any passengers left out must hurry. I frantically waved out to hubby and conveyed him to hurry. I was simultaneously managing R who was amused by the scene and insisted on getting across the security counter from the wrong side! Hubby requested the guy in the front to let him go first. From the man's gestures one could understa…

R at 21 months

-R has begun to play imaginary games. He takes a cup and a spoon and feeds me imaginary "echam mammu" and "cham mammu".

-He is a very "fair child", meaning, if he plants a kiss on appa's cheek or hugs him, he'll immediately look for amma to balance the score.

-His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds by the day. He loves repeating the names of familiar objects to himself or to me as though to memorize or revise. While chanting those names, he'll pause and say, "apam, beya".(for apram, vera enna..meaning, "what else")

-The bed-time routine of brushing the teeth, changing into bedtime clothes and rocking him to sleep has been taken over by hubby a while ago. But R needs his blanky at any cost without which he refuses to sleep. This, he has been inspired by the sesame street "Nighty-Night book". Hubby would invariably forget the blanky and start to rock him, when R will remind him. So, hubby would call out to m…

A tale of two cities

Hubby has a workshop to attend that is arranged by his company at the Hyderabad office next week. The workshop is for a week and he suggested that R and I join him so that we (R and I) can enjoy a mini-vacation at my maternal aunt's place who lives there. It's been a year since we left our home of 3 years at Hyderabad to move to Bangalore. I agreed immediately as I saw this as a perfect opportunity to spend some time with my family also revisit the city I first encountered as a new-bride.

After spending all my life in Mumbai, Hyderabad was the first other city I was to experience post-marriage. I was always open to the idea of settling outside Mumbai (with the exception of Chennai of course :-) People who know me or read my blog already know that) contrary to the popular belief that Mumbaikers find it difficult to adjust to any other city. Life in Mumbai is definitely way different from one in Hyderabad. There was no doubt about that. But having lived in one place all life, I …

Teacher's pet, is that you?

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Teachers and students share a very peculiar relationship. I am not sure if it is an universal scenario- and I hope even if it is, it would change- but I have seen teachers at school play the favouritism game with students. If the student is good at studies or excels at sports or is a crowd-puller at cultural fests or is a combination of all the above, he/she is bound to get a special treatment from the teachers. Have you known someone who is weak in studies and who is not particularly good in the limited extra-curricular arena that he/she is exposed to in school being a favourite with the teachers? It is also probably human tendency to be attracted to someone or something that is pleasant or perfect at least in the superficial context. But shouldn't teachers behave differently? After all they are entrusted with the enormous duty of molding the future generation. Apart from imparting education and values, it is also impertinent that they instil self-estee…

Contemplating a move to Wordpress

Blogger is being difficult these days. Each day at least one of the widgets does not function well. The post updates of my favourite bloggers come many hours later than the update. Probably, it is the same in case of my updates. Some people complain of being unable to comment on my posts. Since, for me, my blog is a way of communicating and interacting with others (apart from giving me the perfect platform to air my views and express myself)reading and commenting forms a critical aspect- one I do not wish to compromise upon. From what I read over the blogosphere I understand that I am not the only one facing troubles with Blogger. So, I felt maybe it's time that I too made that shift to Wordpress.

But, as I began to set up my blog on Wordpress, I found that Blogger is actually more user friendly. The themes are very flexible unlike Wordpress where there the themes are quite rigid vis-a-vis widgets and menus. The features in Wordpress are confusing and the design and settings can …


Two minds, two stances
two bodies, two poses
Two hearts bound to clash
like waves that ashore splash
Each wait for the other
to break the steely stupor

The cloud thick in-between
rises in anticipation
blurring reason and vision
You ask for the wind
to pour out the rain
and to melt the cloud of pain

With a kind word to embrace
playing a song of love on the lips
Falling as drops of truce
asking for forgiveness true
calming fluttering minds to align
restoring lost hope and shine

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Ours or mine?

Whenever R and I pass via our parking lot, I point out to our car and say "namma car".

Today while we were passing by, R looked at the car and said:

"yaar car?" (to himself)..
"Ichab car" (replies immediately without waiting for an answer from me)

Amma: !!! *thinks* Already!! Sigh!!

Women power

I am amazed at the number of hits my post on Band Baaja Bride - a show on NDTV Goodtimes gets on any single day. This post is forever on the popular posts chart. The readers mostly stumble upon it via google while searching for information about the show and the way to participate in it. Sorry guys for being misled to my page. I am not even remotely connected to the channel, else would have provided more help.

I am just a regular fan of this channel- NDTV Goodtimes. It is a far cry from the other saas-bahu channels where a single issue is beaten to death by 50 shows with similar takes on the topic. An interesting feature I have noticed about this channel is the number of shows hosted, produced, written and directed by women. Most of the travel shows are some examples of this. I get the euphoric feeling just to see stereotypes broken when I watch cookery shows hosted by enthusiastic men and adventure shows spear headed by a female.

So, three cheers to women power and also to my 50th P…

Pay cut

Do you cut your maid's salary if she does not show up for work? If yes, what is the leeway you allow?
How many days of paid leave does she get in a month?
Do you also cut her pay if you go on a vacation?
Recently my maid complained to me about my neighbour who cut her pay because the neighbour went on a vacation and she saw no reason to pay the maid because there was no work. To me, it struck as meanness. I mean if you were working in an organization and you had to forgo your wages for even public holidays how would it feel? And such labourers do not even get benefits like a medical insurance or provident fund or pension. In that sense, they are far less privileged.

She is a reliable and efficient maid. I have generally been lucky in this matter so far. Touchwood. She seldom remains absent from work although she had mentioned about her 2 days per month off condition before joining work. I had no problems with this condition provided she gave me prior notice. Of that she has re…

A different weekend- breaking the mould

I generally do not post an update about a weekend spent because they pretty much follow a typical pattern. Half or more than that of Saturday goes about ticking off some mundane checklist related to home stuff. The next half and part of Sunday is spent meeting either set of friends and the remaining part is spent wondering and moping about where the weekend went and dealing with Monday blues. Actually Monday blues hit me even before Sunday ends. It has always been so, whether I was working or not. I am happiest on Friday night, with the merry feeling making a descending curve as the weekend passes flies.

So, what was different was this weekend? For starters, I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Hubby was going to be out of town for both the days. After sulking over the arrangement for a while, I just decided to get through with it for anyway my sulking wouldn't change anything. Hubby left on Friday night and that night was the toughest in terms of putting R to sleep. Althoug…

I recommend this book

Do books give you a hangover? I mean you read a book and then you dream of the characters in the book. It happens to me and when it happens I can safely say that the book in question has made a mark in my heart.

The Palace Of Illusions was one such book that I read in just four days flat. Well, bookworms may scorn at me for being vain for nothing but since I have known my recent history of reading books, for me it's a BIG and GOOD feeling.

I liked the book for the breezy narration and a different outlook it has given to the entire Mahabharata epic. The story unfolds in parts as dreams, stories and musings of Draupadi-the narrator of the story. The writer-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni- has woven fiction and truth into an engaging novel. The women in this great Epic are brought out in a stronger light and we get to see a modern-age Draupadi baring her heart and soul through her narration.

Housework for the man

ETA: This post has been picked up by Blogadda as one of the top posts for the Tuesday Tangy Picks. Thank you BlogAdda!!!

We often hear women complain that the men in the house do not chip in with the household work because they are either mostly inept at it or they simply refuse to do something that they think is the women's prerogative. Just want to add a disclaimer here that this post also does not intend to generalize the situation and suggests to say that men have to pitch in with housework even after they have slogged their butts off at work and come home dead tired. I just wish to draw attention to the general attitude that many men have towards doing housework.

A quick rewind to a couple of generations ago: when the roles played by a man and a woman were strictly defined and neither stepped into the others' shoes. The men rarely ever even realized what work the women did but the women never complained, in fact subscribed to the discrimination even, 'cause they neve…