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A decade of togetherness!

It's our tenth this year a magical number, for sure Has it been that long  since we intertwined our future?
Sometimes it feels like yesterday and at times an eternity So different we are how did we find similarity?
I'm the idealist, prefer the order you're pragmatic, find beauty in chaos I like to plan, you're spontaneous I crave for newness You love the familiarity
How did we survive? I ask in mock wonder We had faith, you affirm and the trust in each other
Where's the mush? but I whimper You smile, wide with humour remark that you'd rather  warmth, share and care gather
It's true, I know the answer Indeed I cannot remember a time when I haven't  enjoyed a status that's equal full of respect that's mutual
From the time I stepped in as your wedded bride you've held my hand as a friend, philosopher, guide
You've chosen to lace the romance with grace the love, never a blatant show burning a constant, subtle glow
A supportive co-parent,  a…

Why I cannot be the quintessential shopper

Strolling in a swanky mall, I check into a multi-brand chain. My eyes quickly scan through the array of sections, each of them screaming for attention with the popular brand names. I don't have a shopping plan with me and breeze into the clothes section. I flit from one rack to another stand, feeling the fabric at a counter or checking out the size at another. I linger a bit longer when something particular catches my eye. Invariably, my fingers reach for the price tag even as I look. It's almost a reflex, I realize.

With a special occasion coming up, the better half encourages me to simply take what I liked. I really like to call the man my better half at such times. While I love taking a dig at him for not surprising me with expensive gifts, the truth is that he has never stopped me or questioned my purchases ever. Perhaps, he's really confident that I won't go overboard.

Indeed, I cannot help feel that almost everything on board is ridiculously priced. Buyers are c…