What's making me happy

Settling down in my new home has had me go through a gamut of emotions. Like a paradox, feelings of satisfaction and disappointment, moments of ecstasy and despair all strike at once. It will be a while before I embrace this all. For the moment, I'm lapping up all the positivity that the new setting has to offer.

And, nothing makes me more happy than this nook and the view beyond: 


Sipping on my cuppa
swinging a lyrical beat
watching the sun slowly rise
hearing the birds chirp by

soothes my mind
calms my soul
lets my heart soar
makes me smile more

None of our previous homes offered such a lovely view of the sunrise. We have some lovely coconut trees outlining the empty neighbouring patch of ground. Parrots, eagles, squirrels and even rare guests like the Kingfisher frolic in the precious backdrop of green amidst the concrete. I want to hug the scene and hold the gift of nature tightly to my chest even as the cynical mind tells my heart that this bountiful package of nature that gives my morning and day a new dimension will sooner or later give way for many other ambitious and concrete tall rises that will intrude into my space.


Yet, for now, let me rake in the beauty, smell the sweet air and sing a song. It might not last long.