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Pearls of wisdom

I dreamed of our golden future which began on a promising road to success. Only, I did not realize when the power of making money became an obsession; turning me into its slave.

“Of what use is all money when you cannot be with your family?”

Years later, you’d impart this moral to our child.

Word count:55

This is a  post written in response to the 55 Word Challenge and uses the three picture prompts below. All pictures are copyright of the 55 Word Challenge.


ETA: I've penned a different version in answer to this challenge that again combines all three photo prompts. Since I've already linked this story to the challenge, the other one will just remain a post on my blog. Do hop on to the post-Path of Dharma and let me know what you think.


  1. oh yes the lure of money .. look it has brought me 7 seas apart from my loved ones ..

    sad sad but thats the way of life
    you got to earn to live .. that is the hard truth of life.. people say they will survive but then that is also not good enough :)

    although i loved the little moral and story in 55words :)


    1. I understand your point, Bikram. Sorry the post stirred you like this :-(

  2. True...many become slave to making money..more money. Relationships die a slow death.

    1. Yes, Red, one does not realize when and where to draw that line.

  3. How easy it is to fall prey to the lure of money and forget what is really important! Loved this take, Uma. And so effortlessly blended three prompts.

    1. Money is definitely alluring.
      Thanks, Shailaja. It was an effort to do a slightly different version considering the natural curve the three prompts put together took.

  4. Good one Uma, tough question that, which leads to tough decisions.

    1. It's definitely not a easy thing to do but everything needs a balance, isn't it?
      thanks, Vibha. I've posted a second version to the same challenge. Do hop on whenever you can :-)

  5. Somewhere we all rush in a race of making money. But your story gives a good moral and kind way for doing the same. Nice take on the prompt! :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Umang. Appreciate it!


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