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Rolling out the red carpet

"Kanna, you need to sleep now. School tomorrow!"

"Amma, please, just five more minutes!"

"Can you finish eating a bit faster?"

"Wait. I'm trying to find San Mousico on the map/ learning The Fantasian alphabets!"

If you're still wondering, we've been invaded by the 'fraidy mouse gang a.ka. Geronimo Stilton club. The titles follow R everywhere. During the snack hours, dinner, before bedtime, and (shudders) 20 sec milk time in the morning! 

Am I complaining? *insert devilish smile*

Of course, not!!! 

I was waiting for this day to dawn. R was always interested in books and until the time he could read on his own, I'd do the honours for him. Well, to be honest, the reading out aloud bit had waned and dipped to dangerous levels in the recent past. However, the saving grace was that he had begun to read, albeit slowly, on his own by then. And, perhaps because the habit had made its mark, he'd still read a bit on his own. 

I was waiting …

Why do we react to everything around us

I'm referring to the public display of one's private thoughts over social media platforms. This is something I've always pondered about. Recently, a friendly discussion on a private group on this topic led to resurfacing of random bits of introspective analysis that had been filed away at regular intervals in my head. 

Yes, social media is meant for social and public discussions without which their existence will be threatened. However, it surely has become a double-edged sword in our lives. We cannot ignore it yet we have to steer clear of giving it too much importance. We seem to be not getting that balance right and end up being rather too serious in our attitude towards life. 

Many moons ago, I had written about how we have lost the sense of humour these days. Who could get miffed over what we'd never know! Opinions are being expressed every nano-second. I see a chain reaction for every single incident or issue that has happened either within an immediate circle or s…

How to churn out successful posts?

The answer to this should be a simple one. Using good content, right? After all, content is king. Well, only partially. Even a formidable king needs a capable cabinet and a great army of soldiers. Likewise, content is just a part of the many other ingredients that make a post, especially on a professional website, attractive and satisfying to read and assimilate.

Now, it's been a while that I'm writing content as a freelancer. Up until recently, I'd work on the specs mentioned by the content team and draft it out. The rest of how the article got published or added value to their page was totally the lookout of the team I was not a part of. My job and responsibilities ended with the 'send' button. Sure, the content was completely mine and I made sure I was doing complete justice to the people who were paying me, but I really had no control over the edits that went in or the way the article was offered over the world wide web.

However, lately, I've had the fortu…