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Marriage-an overrated concept?

R’ mom’s post on women’s web about marriage being an overrated institution and Hip Hop Grandma’s comment to that has certainly touched a chord in many of us evoking strong responses. (Warning-long post ahead)

The basis of many age-old customs and practices has become questionable in the light of changing time; so is the case with marriage, which is fast losing the sacred status it had once assumed. Hence the question of it being overrated arises. I don’t know whether it is overrated or underrated. I only know that everyone wants to get married-whether to conform to the societal norms or otherwise. It is like the saying-“shaadi ka laddoo-khaye woh pachtaye, na khaye woh pachtaye”. Even the utterly feminist (read men-basher) does marry. I think it is got to do with the perception of marriage. It is seen as the biggest milestone, only second to parenthood, in one’s life-especially that of a woman. No one really prepares you for the dynamics of marriage. It is rarely the “happily ever af…

Are we a free country? Are we really a democratic nation?

We all read about the recent civil revolution in Egypt and Libya, which the civilians went against the military governance of 30 odd years (successfully in the former and not so far in the latter). We lauded and cheered the people of both countries for their fearless and persistent struggle for their rights. We spoke at lengths about how each country should be a democratic one and how people should wage a war against unjust and extreme rulers. Closer home, do we really spend so much thought as to- are we free?

We are a democratic and independent country, sure, but sadly only on paper. We are worse off today than we were during the colonial rule. At least they were not one of us. Today, although, we are governed (deceived) by our own people (under influence of some foreigner?), we really cannot truly call ourselves a progressed or progressing nation. Sure enough we have progressed in some spheres but in the light of corroded values in the form of corruption, red-tapeism and nepotism, w…

The Women In My Life

Women’s web is hosting a “Feminspiration” contest to mark the 100th anniversary celebrations of International Women’s day. The contest requires an article to be written about any woman (en) who is an inspiration to others. As I pondered over which one great woman stands worthy to be saluted, my mind drew a blank. I could not single out any one particular figure. I realized that I need not look beyond the women who played a significant role in my life -my mother, my Grandmother, my sister and my maternal aunt. Sure, they have not cut a big name for themselves but they are all inspiring in their own way, each leading a different yet similar life; in bringing out the inner strength to live life with a smile on their face. I thank women’s web for giving me an opportunity to celebrate the women in my life.

My maternal grandmother is a person who can give tough competition to any woman-entrepreneur of today. She is ever enterprising, full of energy and ideas with a never-say-quit attitude. …

More wonder and a proud mom

My little wonder can associate things so well at so young an age! He has about 20 words in his vocabulary list which, I learnt, is a little advanced for his age. He really attempts, and manages, to communicate in two-word phrases. When people say, ahem…, he is quite fast for a boy at this age, my heart swells to the size of a football. I know its’ too early to know but R does put two and two together many times to pleasantly surprise me. For example, I do read out a lot of board books-shapes, stories, vegetables, animals and the like. The other day he picked up a toy and said “ova”. Yes, it was an oval-shaped teether. Now, that he points to any other shape and says “ova” is a completely different story :-). But he did get it right the first time. He can “identify” many of the pictures when asked and also flip through the pages “pretending” to read. He can build a three to four block stack.

I generally do a video chat with my mom in the afternoons. Yesterday, as I switched on the p.c.…