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New beginnings

It's going to be a new slate once again. The fourth house in seven years, but with a big difference. With the tag of it being 'ours'. It's a ticklish feeling of entering your own abode. The 'site' that I had been visiting for the past several months, the brick and bare house that transformed bit by bit in front of my eyes, the house that no longer will be alluded to as the 'site' but our 'home', is finally ready-to-move-in and we are busy packing our belongings.

Does it feel euphoric? Do I feel like doing a small jig in the air, curl up my nose in pride to people who ask and say I'm going to my 'home'? Actually, no. This, and all the previous homes that I lived in was ours too till we decided to move out. You invest something more than money in every house that you stay, making it yours.Each time we moved out of a place, a home, we left behind a set of memories, collecting more nostalgia as we moved on.

The very first house after marri…

If only...

Two sentence horror stories

Inspired by this, I decided to exercise my creative juices towards some horror stories. Hope you stay spooked enough :-)

The revelation

I laughed at my friend who claimed to be able to see and talk to ghosts. The laughter stopped at my throat when I glanced upon my garlanded photo on the wall.

An eerie connection

The mobile rang shrilly in the dead of the night at the musty, dark cottage. Preeti grabbed the phone fearing the worst, only to see a 'No network coverage' sign on her screen.

The encounter

As she sat on the couch, her back facing the lone window, waiting for her husband to come home, she felt a tap on her shoulder and looked behind to see her husband grinning to see his usual trick having the desired effect. Just then the doorbell rang and she opened the door to find her husband standing outside.


"A household with kids", mused Aarti on hearing myriad sounds of tiny feet running around, furniture moving and a swing creaking from the floor above. Being the ne…

Book review: The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti

Author: Michelle Cohen Corasanti
Publisher: Fingerprint (Prakash Books)
Pages: 352
Price on Flipkart: Rs.205

A debut novel by the Jewish-American author, this book tells a story from the eyes of a Palestinian boy, Ahmed Hamid, the eldest of 7 siblings, who lives with his family on a land that is laden with strife and hatred. The back-drop is that of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. A story told to convey the message that we need to rise above hatred and contempt to be able to bring about a peaceful co-existence.

Here's the blurb:

Ahmed Hamid, a is a gifted and very intelligent 12-year-old boy. Everyone in the village admires him and is impressed by him. Living on occupied land, his family lives with the constant fear of losing their homes, jobs and belongings. On his twelfth birthday, this fear becomes a harsh reality. Ahmed’s father gets imprisoned and all their possessions and their home gets confiscated. What will Ahmed do to save his family? He embarks on an inspir…

Will the witness speak?

This got selected by Blogadda as a WOW post!

This happened a couple of years ago during my tenure as a police officer in a small town near Guwahati, Assam. Sometimes what seems true is far from it and only a deep investigation will lead you to the core of the crime.

It involved a twenty year old girl, Arunima, who had gone missing suddenly. There was no suspicious trail of events. Involvement of a possible boy-friend was also ruled out as per the testimonies of her classmates. She belonged to a lower-middle class family and was apparently a studious girl whose life revolved around classes, college and home. She also did not seem to have many friends in college. 

The family was distraught. She was their only child. The father was a retired teacher who earned a measly income through tuitions and the mother pitched in by sewing embroidery work on hand-woven cotton fabric. They had put in all their hard earned savings to educate Arunima. She was about to start earning in a year's time a…