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How I Met My Husband (Part three)

Story so far..

As per Hindu traditions, there is an inauspicious period of 15 days (pitrupaksh or mallayapaksham) where people refrain from embarking on any auspicious events-especially marriage. Since that period was nearing, both set of parents (esp mine) insisted that we meet up before it started. Now that was just a week away. This was first week of September. I was not too keen on meeting up just yet. I wanted to establish some more comfort factor. When I spoke to him he also felt it would rush matters unnecessarily although he didn’t quite mind it. The tentative date for the meeting was set for 6th September.

I was in a new job and my induction was to take place on the same very day and I could not miss it. So, I mailed him and asked him if he could meet me at the place where my induction would be conducted. It would save us the time I would spend in commuting all the way home (in the Mumbai traffic) in the evening after the event, I reasoned. He was new to the city but agreed nevertheless. A day before the D-day, he called me to say that his manager from the US has flown down for an important meeting and hence he wouldn’t be able to make it on 6th. Hah! Was I relieved!!! (I later learnt that he had sensed my hesitation and anxiety and decided to make an excuse. He won my heart all over again.)

So, it was decided that we meet after 15 days on the 24th of September. This gave us both some breathing space. In the meantime we spoke over the phone and exchanged a few more mails. I noticed that he began to address the mails with my name..:-). He also sent me a recent snap of his shot at a picnic and he looked much better -in fact he was good-looking..:-)

He was to come down to Mumbai to meet me. I asked him if we could meet alone and he said that he was fine with it and was in fact about to ask me the same. So we decided to meet at a park by a lake near my place. I picked him up mid-way from my place in an auto. I don’t remember what we spoke about but we ended up spending two hours by the lake-side. And the rest, as they say, is history. He later on came home with his sister and family to formally meet my parents. The engagement was fixed for October and the wedding in March. I ended up taking an off from work the next day and we went for a movie together-my first real date. He would come every month for an extended weekend stay at his sister’s house to visit me during our courtship days.

An arranged marriage to begin with ended up with love blossoming on both sides and our relationship getting stronger with time. As the saying goes, fruits of patience are sweet. I can certainly vouch for the truth in this saying.


  1. Lovely....enjoyed reading it so much. Brought back memories of mine too:-).

    And am I glad I got to read both part 2 & 3 together:-D

    p.s: agree with the saying too

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww.... this was such a sweet story, Uma! I loved the way u have put it entirely... it was like reading a short sweet, cute romantic fiction. Only this is non fic! :)

  3. Nancy: am glad that you enjoyed reading!..though it wasnt half as engaging as your story..

    Purnima: Thank you so much! so how did your story unfold after the first para of my second part? And its been quite a while that you did a one soon...:-)

  4. your post reminded me of my parents' pre-wedding days... they often share their experiences that gradually made them fall in love by the time of their wedding...

  5. Radhika: so sweet..ya in a way arranged marriages do have their own charm..

  6. Yup, all's well that ends well :) This is such a cuuuute story.. loved it.

  7. haha its awesome to know the story behind the scenes ! I remember I already went away to study in swiss by this time. Cool writing Uuuuummmmaaaaa...keep em coming...

    Your regular reader
    Arv :D

  8. Loved your conclusion Uma - but of course that is what I expected from you and your writing in any case :).

    Very nicely put about how a well-arranged marriage with both sides taking time to consider and get to know each other and looking out for all the signals about how you gel with each other, is just as good as any "love" marriage :).

  9. Namratha: hey thanks namratha..glad you liked it!!

    Arv: :-)))) thankssssssssssss...
    and glad to know you are regular here..*am beaming*

    Aparna: I so predictable??..:-((...and thanks so much for the appreciation..:-)))

    btw, a quick question to all/people reading wordpress blogs - is wordpress site down since a couple of days???

  10. Lovely read uma!!! I had a proper love marriage and a loong courtship period. However I find the "nit-picking" that happens in the short duration of arranged marriages really sweet :-) Cheers!

  11. Sharda: Thanks so much! a long courtship period is gr8..must have been memorable..r u back from your vacation?

  12. LOL Uma - I meant predictability of good writing not of the happy ending :). Just wanted to clarify!

  13. Aparna: argh how dumb can i get!...and thanks again!..:-))))

  14. Super!! Read the 3 posts in one go and was smiling all the way:) The hubby and i still regret not having it the 'arranged' way;) We've still kept our options open though:)

  15. Vidya: so you had a love keeping options open is a gr8 idea!

  16. Uma, my marriage story is up

    u can read it in there!

  17. Purnima: read your! full masala movie script with ups and downs...and cool snaps of the two of you...:-)))

  18. Finally i read all the three parts before making sure there was not more in the offering..See i cannot read up in parts and stay in suspense..

    It ended very well for you, though i have my cousins talk to me about the ordeals that is the time before marriage..You survived and now prospering..Congos

  19. Perception: :-) thanks..yes I did survive the ordeal and hope the same for your cousins, though I wish they do not have to go through such ordeals.. waited for all the parts to come forth..hmm..I thought people would ask after each soon please...sigh!..

  20. Loved your love story :)

    Wish and ur hubby the very best!!!!

  21. Tan: Thank you so much! and welcome here..:-)

  22. A nice read. Reminds me of 'How I met your mother' sit-com. :D
    (That explains the title?)

    1. Thanks, cmus! :-)
      actually the title is inspired by a column by the same name that appears in Women's Era.

  23. How sweet!!I could totally understand what it is like, when a girl's wedding is not fixed. Happy that you found your soul mate. :)

  24. Lovely! Wish you both the best.

  25. Loved your story. Wish you many more happy years of love and understanding
    with your husband!


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