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The Magician's Trick

Flames of orange
Burst beyond azure awning
Diffusing white fumes
Engulfed the muse in a swift embrace
A cacophony of sounds
Set the ambience; rousing
I looked on exhilarated
As the act played out
The muse metamorphosed
From night to day

Swimming lessons

“Not deep enough to drown” Bob, the pool instructor, had assured me.
Yet, my cries for help were drowned out by stronger arms as Bob possessed me under the pretext of keeping me afloat.
Battered, I vowed to swim against the tide.


“See these huge chains? They are used to fish out the sunken ships from seas,” fibbed my nerdy elder one earnestly to the dreamy younger who listened with rapt attention, taking in all that her brother said with complete acceptance.

“Wow, but, who put the ships under the sea, Anna*?”

"The monsters, silly! Didn't you know?"

Overhearing their conversation from the next room, I chuckled at the cute mix of innocence and vivid imagination.

The innocence, I knew, would leave them. But, I prayed that the ability to spin tales from random muses stayed. A writer’s wish, indeed!

* Elder brother in Tamil

 Linking up the 100-word fiction to the Friday Fictioneers, June 5th.

The painting

I’m held captive by the sight As the canvas slowly unfurls Warm ochre clouds hug and unite Blushing crimson, they kiss goodnight
Streaks of cooled rays, but, slip quietly to kiss goodbye to the sleeping grass Chirps and twitters lower their pitch Singing lullabies, oh, so sweetly!
Leaves on tall trees gently dance To the lilting breeze that dusk beckons I thank the stars that gather at once Smiling at the moon in cool radiance
I soak in their graceful beauty Glittering in dark ambience I’m grateful to be able to witness Nature’s bounty, a gift from heavens