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The Rendezvous

The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the text I just got. 

I slip back in time to reminisce.  It's been 5 years since we got married. I never thought things would reach this stage. It's time to set things right. Enough of being the silent one all the while. This time I have taken things in my hand. Things shall change. I have taken the first step. Today.

Suddenly the door bell rings. I panic. Who can it be? Nobody knows of the little rendezvous I've planned. The bell rings again. I pull myself up and open the door.

He is waiting outside with a huge bouquet and a bottle of champagne.

Me: " said.."

He: "Happy Anniversary, my love."

I enter the house with him with mixed emotions. I was not expecting him......



It's a century!

I have hit a century! Yes, this is my 100th post. Like the batsman who is eager to get to this figure as soon as he begins his nineties, so was I while arriving at this magic number. But like the batsman, I too was reeling under the " 90s syndrome" and every post was taking its own sweet time.

So, what's the deal now that I HAVE arrived here? Nothing folks, just a happy smile on my face and a wish that my passion carries a little further, my writing gets more inspired, my interest continues unabated and of course, that I win more readers. A hope to reach out to more and encourage my silent readers to share their thoughts with me.

As I pondered over what my topic for the milestone post should be, I found myself wanting to go back to some my previous posts and capture the journey so far. I thought, why not share this journey with all of you? For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, I ask you to accompany me in my journey to revisit the past and for those…

Precious moments

I am trying to teach R to sing:

Me: Sa Ri Ga Ma
R: Sa Ri Ga Umaaa Umaaaa!!! (who cares if it was out of tune)


R gets hurt during one of his antics (nothing unusual)
R comes to me, "anga pattudtu..." (I got hurt )
I am busy in the kitchen and say " vendaam kanna..siriya peidum" (It's Ok baby, you'll be fine)
R: kisshi kudkaname ( you need to kiss) (reminding me what will actually do the trick)
I comply, very readily
R (immediately) "Cheiyya peidtu" ( All's fine)


And this is called boomerang

I am calling out to R to do something
R says maatain (No) in his usual fashion
I hold on and do not say a word
R continues nonchalantly: "seri... po....enno pannu" (ok, what you like!)
I am stumped for words

Travails of "growing up"

Sahana's post about a 6 year old attaining puberty shocked me and I was intrigued enough to google the net for more information and this is what I found. Do have a look at her post.

Wikipedia describes the above syndrome as:
As a medical term, precocious puberty describes puberty occurring at an unusually early age. In most of these children, the process is normal in every respect except the unusually early age, and simply represents a variation of normal development. In a minority of children, the early development is triggered by a disease such as a tumor or injury of the brain. Even in instances where there is no disease, unusually early puberty can have adverse effects on social behavior and psychological development, can reduce adult height potential, and may shift some lifelong health risks. Central precocious puberty can be treated by suppressing the pituitaryhormones that induce sex steroid production. When I spoke to Sahana about this article and requested her…

Blogger gets back at me

Now that's called perfect timing. Most blog users who moved to Wordpress from Blogger would agree that the one of the foremost reasons for the shift is the lack of threaded commentsin Blogger. I was about to move too but somehow never got around to doing it. As such I don't get too many comments that I cannot manage, so it really didn't bother me as long as people who wanted to comment could do so.

Then, sometime around last week, I came across a blog on blogspot that had a reply button embedded to each comment. The blog owner was kind enough to let me know her secret and sent me the link - ( that would enable me to do the same. I hurriedly and excitedly followed all the instructions, did some tweaking here and there, and lo! behold, I had the reply button affixed to each of the comments I received- a la-Wordpress style. Only, of course, the did not translate to being threaded comments- just…

My first award and a tag

Yay!!! Aparna conferred upon me the Versatile blogger award. It's my first award and am so glad!
Thanks a ton Aparna!!!

ETA: While, I had nominated Nancy for the award, I later found that she had simultaneously done the same. Thanks again Nancy!

The rules of the award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award- done.

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of the same

3. Share 7 Random facts about yourself


4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post- done.

I think, I am the last person on this Blogosphere to be nominated for this award. At least, most of the bloggers I know are already proud owners or are already nominated. Hence, I nominate:

Radhika- she does not post very frequently but her posts have variety and some good poetry too!

Purnima- She has become a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, so I doubt she'll take this tag up in the near future. Yet, she qualifies for the award.

Sahana- She is truly a master with word…

A novel after a loong time.

Finished reading a complete book after months. The last I read was Preeti Shenoy's "Life is what you make it". I completed that one in a record time of two days. This time it is Jane Fallon's The Ugly Sister. Best catalogued under chick-lit, fiction, I picked this up on a fancy to read up on my Kindle. The Kindle was languishing without getting its rightful due and I thought it is high time I shrugged off the tardiness and randomly downloaded a couple of novels.

I had never read any of the previous books by this author and to be honest, had not heard of the author's name too. Though, of course, I am not a voracious reader and me not having heard of some author cannot and does not mean anything. All am trying to say is I had no preconceived ideas or expectations from the novel.

The story is about two sisters, Cleo and Abi, who have inherited entirely different set of genes albeit from the same set of parents which makes them stand apart not only in the physical q…

R speaks

Long time since I updated on R front. He is talking nineteen to the dozen now- stringing in words he knows to combine sentences that make sense and some nonsense thrown in liberally.

(P.S: Apologies to the non-speaking tamil readers. It is difficult to translate every phrase, so kept it as it is. But, hoping the gist won't be lost.)

He hates me sitting in front of the computer and immediately chants, "amma, keeya engu, book paikalaam" or "amma, va, inge okachi, bed maela okachi" or "amma, come, cheekam va..okachee"
"inda book paikalaam, anda book paikalaam". The chant gets louder and furious in tone if I don't comply soon enough.

He'd arrange all his cars in a row or semi-circle and call out to me to show, "amma paaru, wow chollu"!!

All of a sudden he'd barge into the kitchen and ask,"nee enna panrai??". No matter how I answer, he'll repeat for a few times till the time he tires out or I stop answering (mo…

Hair today, gone tomorrow..

Well, our crowing glory could have tales as well as tails. It depends on which part you focus on. This story is about how the tale of my hair became just a tail of hair. Once a upon a time, I had a mane that most girls would kill to get. Nature had bestowed it on me- shiny black, silky, thick and straight. Yeah, I could've been one of the models for a shampoo ad. Only, no one approached me for it :-( My hair used to be the subject of envy amongst a wide-known circle.

"Oh! what do you do to maintain it?", "please share your secrets"..and so on. My heart would swell on hearing these oft-repeated questions targeted at me by known and sometimes even unknown people. (There have been instances where people would actual touch and feel the hair to believe it is real). I attained almost celebrity status because of my hair during college. I always felt my hair made up for all the other superficial imperfections I might have had. So, I would secretly enjoy all the attent…

The dirty picture

Haha, caught you! If you came here looking for the review of the movie or some equally masala-stuff. This is just about a mundane ritual that hits you like a virus and doesn't leave you until it runs it's course. Ok, don't rack your brains too much. I am talking about spring cleaning here. I am on the spring cleaning mode- ever since I came back from B'bay. Re-arranged the clothes cupboard, cleaned the kitchen cabinets, the fridge, cleared out the clutter; never felt so accomplished.
And, who says spring cleaning is done in spring? It comes in cycles all year through! Bah!!

It is amazing that the clothes cupboards get messy so much faster than you'd like them to. And that too when you're not re-filling them as frequently as you'd like to!!!. Also, it is interesting to note, how you find so much clutter each time you re-organize a closet even when you pride yourself on being the "non-hoarding" kinds. If not entirely unwanted, then there are lots …

2011 in hindsight

Now, this is called being a tube-light. When everyone on the blogosphere was bidding adieu to 2011 in their own unique and interesting ways, I was having a serious writing block and couldn't think of how I should sum up the year, so I decided to skip the whole thing. Cha! who wants to be a part of the "I also ran" kinds. Sour grapes, I know. But, 4 days into the fresh year, and bling bling, the past flashes before my eyes. So, I thought I shall do a short re-cap before amnesia strikes again.

I started this blog in December last year. I started off jittery and sporadically. Somewhere around February, I began reading more and more blogs and before I knew it, I developed blogodiction (an addiction to blogging, if you're wondering). I discovered so many wonderful writers who also happen to don so many roles in their lives effortlessly- wife, mother, colleague, boss, daughter, and, so on. It is amazing to be a part of like-minded people's lives and share your worries…

The year of 2012

Another year gone by and couple-a-days gone by (already?) in the new year 2012. During school days, the realization of the new year would only strike in when we had to write the date in our books. Every beginning of a new year brings in a lot of hope and excitement, much like that of entering the closed door to a much-awaited opportunity. Resolutions conjure up an amusing memory of school years, where my dismal report card, each year for quite sometime, would have me hastily and solemnly pledge that "I'll study better next year and not just on the eve of the exam". However, history would repeat itself without regard for the previous year's promises.
Hence, I stay away from making resolutions :-).

This year, however, I have a few to-do things which I hope to cross out successfully:

Enrolling R in a playschool - I have been wanting to do this for the past 6 months and I cannot give you one convincing reason as to why it is not yet done. Yes, we were waiting for yours…