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Does it matter in the long run?

Love marriage or arranged marriage? This age old, beaten to death, debate is making fresh rounds around the blog world with renewed vigour for this contest here at Indiblogger along with Sony Entertainement Televsion. Do read more about it here

My opinion here is based on average Indian families and for the sake of argument, am assuming a normal arranged marriage scenario which does not mean forced marriage and where there is a good chance of getting to know a person.

Love or arranged, the real test of a marriage begins only after the wedding. The love or arranged factors are just two different routes to the same point from where the real journey begins. It is not to say that one route is better than the other.  Contrary to what is shown in movies, love marriages are rarely all hunky-dory and arranged marriages need not spell doom too. The basic and probably an important difference in two could be the lead time that the couples get to know one another.

Of course, the way things pan ou…

Entangled in pronouns

Have you ever been enmeshed in the linguistic quagmire of "tum" and "aap"/ "nee" and "neenga"? Have you faced the confusion of whether to address a person as "tum" or "aap"? The question is relevant to the Indian language speaking audience which distinguishes the elderly and the young/peer-group with distinct second person pronouns. English speaking souls are saved from having such confusions, thereby. Remember the lines from the famous Dharmender starrer movie, Chupke Chupke? "Angrezi badi hi asabhya bhasha hai. Tum ke liye bhi you aur aap ke liye bhi you. Chote bade mein koi antar hi nahi.." Of course, if you don't know whether to address the person as aap or tum, English comes in handy :-) So, I'd say thank God for the Queen's language!

But, you may ask, if it is just the age of a person that determines the nature of the pronoun bestowed upon him/her, then why should it be such a rocket science to ad…

Showing off...

...the prize trophy won for the Women's Web I stood up blogathon contest. This article won the second prize. And, the pretty mug (below) arrived this morning to brighten up my day!
Thank you once again, Women's Web. This mug sits proudly on my desk, now :-)

As we celebrate our Independence day, I ponder..

I had written this post last year. It still feels relevant today in the wake of our 66th Independence day. Re-posting the same with some changes.

We are celebrating yet another independence day tomorrow. But, 65 years after we freed ourselves from the oppressive colonial rule, can we call ourselves a free nation? We are a democratic and independent country, sure, but sadly only on paper. We are worse off today than we were during the colonial rule. At least they were not one of us. Today, although, we are governed (deceived) by our own people, we really cannot truly call ourselves a progressed or progressing nation. Sure enough we have progressed in some spheres but in the light of corroded values in the form of corruption, red-tapeism and nepotism, we still have a long long way to go.

Each day a new scam exposes a shameful state of affairs in almost every sphere of occupation. Black-money is stashed away in the tax havens of Swiss banks by leaders, corporate and influent…

A quick review

So, we are fast approaching the mid of August. Three-quarters of the year have flown by. The days are passing by so fast that I wonder if the earth is rotating in double its speed. I'd worry earlier about the end of a weekend with the Monday blues catching up with me on Sunday morning itself, but am no longer mopping at the end of a weekend. I've begun to realize that the week is also passing by in a super-sonic speed just as the weekends do. Before I realize it is Monday, it is Wednesday and then Friday!!! Part of the reason could be that now R goes to school and I look forward to the time I get in the mornings, so weekdays are good too :-)

I had planned a half-yearly review for myself this year, for this was the first time in my life that I had formally announced and drafted a to-do-list for this year. But June and July disappeared before I realized and so here I am at almost mid-August to take a look at how I scored. I am extremely thrilled to note that I haven't done …

Son, you might want to know...

..that though I am not be recording this space about you very often, it doesn't mean a thing.

Your growth, development and milestones have become so much a part of our lives that I need to really sit down and think of how far you've come and what are the new feathers that don your cap. My frenzy ritual of checking with Babycentre updates every month slowed down soon after your first birthday and is gradually coming to a slow halt as I am no longer worried about how ahead or behind you are of your peers. Every new thing you learn, say or do is noticed and enveloped in our lives as a matter-of-fact but nevertheless consciously noted and cherished.

You love going to school everyday. Since we know this for a fact, we take the liberty to tease and test you often by saying, "oh! lets not send you to school today" only to hear the unfailing retort, "don't say that. I want to go to school". You probably do not realize the silly wave of pride that swells up in …

Eyes that see, mind that perceives

One pair of eyes speaks of innocence
the other gleams of pretense

One seems to ask, what's in store
the other seems to sing a different lore

One pair of hands shows a bonding
undoubting of who is leading
Are they father and son
on a walk that is not unknown?

Or are they strangers to other
in a journey that fate built together ?

The mind conjures many a story
in a bid to unravel the mystery

of perhaps some unknown spectre
hidden behind a lonely picture

Each is a story that fits the frame
giving a sense of false acclaim

Isn't this how we also
perceive life in the worldly game?

This post is part of the contest A picture can say a thousand