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A milestone and a cross-out

My first cross-out from the 2012 agenda has been done. A major one at that too. Any guess? Yes, my lil'one is now potty trained. It is almost a month now that he has achieved this milestone. The su-su part is still playing hide and seek but we are getting there too. Slowly but steadily.

For all the heart-ache I had over crossing this hurdle, it really seemed like a dream where R learned to use the potty within one week of us initiating the practice. I had backed off twice earlier, when he first just refused to even sit on it and later when I spotted his trouble of going the western way. We started off quite skeptically this time; the hubby too got involved (perhaps with greater interest than enthusiasm than me). However, we saw that R was far more willing. He didn't jump off the seat, even if the session didn't end up, err..fruitfully, if I can say that. On the fourth or fifth day, he did it successfully. I didn't jump too much. I thought it was a fluke and should not…

A musical journey down memory lane

I was first introduced to Tamil film songs by the better half. Till then only O.P Nayyar, Shankar Jaikishen, Naushad, Salil Choudhary and the likes kept me enthralled with their melodious music. I only knew "Illayaraja" as a famous name and A.R. Rahman was synonymous only with Roja. I was crazy (still am) about old Hindi film songs. My mother would lament that if I had shown half the interest I had for film music in Carnatic classical music, I could have made a good name for myself there! Anyway, that would be a topic for another post.

On our first ever date, after we said yes to one another, my husband, then not even my fiance, gave me a MP3 player. It was his player but he gave it to me upon knowing my liking for music. The player being his had some of his favourite songs. And, nope, none of them were Hindi songs. He doesn't even know any of the Hindi composers I've mentioned above but let's not get into that. That was the beginning of my tryst with Tamil film…

Too late to react

In a split second, she was soaked; or so it seemed. The warmth settled slowly, making a deeper and deeper imprint. She had tried with all her might but could not stop the inevitable. She could help neither..
...from falling in love..or
..the tea from staining her attire. Both had left a deep impact!

A relationship takes its time to thicken, fills the pores of your heart and leaves an imprint that takes a long long while to vanish even when the attempt to wash out the memories is in earnest. Much like a tea-stain.

So, can a relationship be compared to a tea-stain? I guess so.

This is my first feeble attempt at a 55er. Happy Valentine's day!

The balancing act

I am sure most of us parents want to raise well-behaved children and there are no two ways about it. Despite well-meaning intentions, we do go through the terrible phase of tantrums and wild antics along with our kids. It is considered quite normal that kids do misbehave in phases and not abide by the rules laid down. When you view the issue on hand at a micro-level- that is at the parent-child level- it becomes fairly simple to dole out solutions and employ them (maybe successfully too). However, when the same is viewed at a macro-level- that is as a society, where there are other kids to deal with too- the solution rarely ever works.

In my observation, we, as a society, do tend to favour mischievous kids over calmer and quiet kids. Deep down secretly, we wish our kids to do naughty things, so that we can proudly announce their (mis)conducts to others. The naughtiness is compared to Lord Krishna's antics and generally the behaviour is made light of. Yes, let us accept it. How m…

Over a cup of tea

She looked into the image
to have a peek into and gauge
the person that looked back
to reflect on life, to take stock

the image appeared blur
and she couldn't see so clear
her eyes blinded by pain
of sorrows that pour like rain

As she ponders in silence
over her cuppa, hot and nice
mixed with milk and some spice
she knows then, for she's wise

only leaves that boil,
leave a fragrant trail
ready to make self avail
of tribulations and travail

A nice cup of tea is known to rejuvenate one's body, soul and mind. It unclogs closed pores in the mind, clears foggy thoughts, and charges one to take on the next chapter in life.

The above lines are in reply to Preeti Shenoy's third Tuesday prompt here

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.  ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

To be content in your skin

I am jealous. Of people who write so well. Of people who converse so well. Of people who make friends so easily. Of people who look so confident and sure of themselves wherever they are. Of people who can make small talk and not make it sound awkward or deliberate but as though they would love to know you. There are clearly two categories here: One, that strives to get noticed and the other that effortlessly gets noticed. (Of course, there are arguments about the second category that the strife wasn't for all to see.)  Both categories are talented and am not saying it is sheer luck that worked in favour of the latter.

Some people just have it in them. It's one thing to be good at something but another to command fan following and respect for that talent. It is never easy to win respect or awe from others, especially from your contemporaries, and once you do, you know you are there. Call it charisma, style, the X-factor- there is definitely the extra edge-whatever it is-t…

If I went under a Xerox copier

Ok, that's figuratively speaking. Don't panic, yet. This is a fun tag going around the blogosphere and I read it on Smitha and GND's blog on the lines of the recent Kotak Mahindra Ad. If there was another you, what would you do?

[For the sake of the post, *Dme: duplicate me and *Ome: original me]

I can only think of how difficult life would be for people around me! On the other hand, if I had a *Dme, we would technically be identical twins, only, (if I get this concept correctly) it would be just me again with the same heart and soul. [And, of course, she should not have a mind of her own. She'd do exactly as I want her to, else I'll be one of the poor souls at the receiving end.]

1. I'd let the world believe that she is just another person who happens to look like me. That way, I would act bitchy about the Ome behind the Ome to know the real friends and real foes (whatever that means) of the Ome.

2. The *Ome can blog, browse the net, read books and laze aroun…

Word power!

A thought and a word,
go hand in hand

to be woven in a song
or cut like a sword

Words can bridge two hearts
or cause people to fall apart

Such is the power
of a 'word' spoken

It can leave you broken
or set on a trail less taken

Hence, is my urge
to tread with caution

For words, however wise
in your eyes,

can thwart a growing dream,
however slim

And, there is no denying
that given a chance
even a pawn can become a king!