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Hit, but not out

Promenading in her own style, she entered a known circle; anxious with an eager smile
She imagined delighted cries, being pulled into whispered confidences, some tight hugs, and high-fives
Cheeks blushed a rosy sheen,
with heady thoughts of acceptance; a yearning of a teen  
She scanned to meet an eye, a cozy groove, familiar warmth; a friend who'll rejoice to say hi,
Heads looked on, faces smiled but none who walked up  and called out to their side
Corners lit up with banter voices gushed and guffawed; an inner circle
she remained, the outsider
The evening wore on; cold, she sported, in pain, a cheery mask, withering under its fold

Pride hurt, she kept low, the eyes stung, vision blurred, her head held high, though

What to write?

Blogger tells me it's been more than 45 days since my last post. I try to log on to blogger and for a few minutes, I'm unable to find the dashboard to my blog. I experience a few moments of panic. With that comes a sudden realization that much as I neglect this space, the thought that it should be taken away from me forever disturbs me. The human mind is funny. You give it something, it doesn't acknowledge it. You take it away, it wants that 'something' more than ever before. 

I get a lot of blog ideas when I'm chopping veggies or cooking. They are clouds of disparate thoughts gently moving with the push of the wind. I try to freeze the thoughts for a later time in the day when I might be able to elaborate on them here. But in the time between finishing my cooking, other chores, writing for my workplace and getting to my personal space here, I realize that I probably don't want to talk about those thoughts anymore. They now seem insignificant or irrelevant.