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I've been tagged! - Motherhood lessons

Aparna tagged me to write five foremost lessons that motherhood has taught me. Thanks Aparna for this tag! This is my first-ever tag.

Parenting, especially motherhood, is one job where the parents (it is a learning curve for both parents, although it is the mother who takes the exam) keep learning throughout their lives — it starts with bringing the child into this world, understanding the baby, dealing with the toddler, bonding with the teenager and nurturing and keeping the relationship alive with the adult.

I had a planned motherhood but I was totally unprepared for the challenges that this new responsibility was to throw onto me. The first few months of handling a demanding baby that hardly slept during the day and my own post-partum blues taught me to expect the unexpected. Just as I was to give in to despair and frustration, things began to look up and it was just a beginning to a wonderful relationship.

I learnt to take life a little easy and forgive myself for the mistakes th…

Am I Good enough?

I wonder sometimes…
What is good enough?
If good enough is enough then
What is good enough?

I am judged by myself
But am also judged by many others
Is it enough to surpass myself..or
Is it necessary to surpass others?

I start by pleasing myself
Enroute I end up pleasing others
Suddenly pleasing others seems foremost
And I am not so sure of myself

It’s a good feeling to be liked by one or two
Even better if loved by all
What best if you can
But love yourself too

When you work for others
It is a job
When you work for yourself
It is a pleasure
Thus goes a known truth
Easier known than understood
For, had I known
Had I understood
I would have known..

Art and some giveaways..

Art- in form of drawing, painting, sketching, craft or handiwork- and I are like chalk and cheese. The drawing classes in school used to send me into an all-time low. The teacher would announce a topic and while I would gape at the blackboard and devise ways of intelligently tackling the topic in a way that will allow least forms of drawing, my artistic friends would have filled the canvas in breathtaking hues and forms. I was among those students that could give the poor drawing teacher the nightmares.

I do have, can safely say, a decent sense of the aesthetics. So, you will not catch me dead in a fluorescent green shirt and shocking pink trousers. I like subtlety and a touch of ethnicity in my home d├ęcor. I love to browse through beautifully done up homes in magazines or blogs, drawing ideas and inspirations from them to decorate my future home. I have great regard and admiration for people who rather than just pick up random stuff out of store shelves, make the effort to create the…

How I Met My Husband (Part three)

Story so far..

As per Hindu traditions, there is an inauspicious period of 15 days (pitrupaksh or mallayapaksham) where people refrain from embarking on any auspicious events-especially marriage. Since that period was nearing, both set of parents (esp mine) insisted that we meet up before it started. Now that was just a week away. This was first week of September. I was not too keen on meeting up just yet. I wanted to establish some more comfort factor. When I spoke to him he also felt it would rush matters unnecessarily although he didn’t quite mind it. The tentative date for the meeting was set for 6th September.

I was in a new job and my induction was to take place on the same very day and I could not miss it. So, I mailed him and asked him if he could meet me at the place where my induction would be conducted. It would save us the time I would spend in commuting all the way home (in the Mumbai traffic) in the evening after the event, I reasoned. He was new to the city but agreed…

How I Met My Husband (Part two)

Story so far..

I was in the disinterested mode, nit-picking unnecessarily only so that I could avoid the rigmarole. The photograph on the profile was not impressive but I dare not say it aloud for my family would have chastened me for being unreasonable and difficult (which of course I had become by then). Secondly, I did not like the name. Ya, laugh as you might. But he has this old fashioned name and I fancied my husband having modern names. Thirdly, he was from Chennai- although he didn’t live there. Now, I had a mental block towards guys from Chennai- don’t ask me why and also because of the oppressive weather I didn’t fancy settling down there. But the other details were quite impressive I should say and so I had no proper reason to turn it down.

His parents lived in Chennai and he had a sister living in Mumbai near where we lived. My mother spoke to his mother who then gave us his email id so that we (the boy and me) could start corresponding. Also, between his parents and my p…

How I Met My Husband (Part one)...

I had earlier written about my marriage saga. The story up to the marriage was not as simple and abrupt as mentioned there. As you know, I chose the internet way so that I could have some control over the choice of my life partner although there were horoscopes that were going to be matched as a pre-condition. It was already 4 long years since we (parents and I) had embarked upon this journey and never once had I imagined the heartaches that were in line for me. When my husband’s proposal came along, I was already miffed about the entire process of this arranged marriage business.

Now, if I liked the photograph and the primary details of the boy, the horoscope wouldn’t match and if the horoscopes matched to perfection, well, get the drift. There were times when the guy and me would exchange some mails and it would seem (at least to me) that probably this is it and my mother would start imagining the marriage happen within a couple of months. Then, like a thunderbolt out of nowher…