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Am I Good enough?

I wonder sometimes…
What is good enough?
If good enough is enough then
What is good enough?

I am judged by myself
But am also judged by many others
Is it enough to surpass myself..or
Is it necessary to surpass others?

I start by pleasing myself
Enroute I end up pleasing others
Suddenly pleasing others seems foremost
And I am not so sure of myself

It’s a good feeling to be liked by one or two
Even better if loved by all
What best if you can
But love yourself too

When you work for others
It is a job
When you work for yourself
It is a pleasure
Thus goes a known truth
Easier known than understood
For, had I known
Had I understood
I would have known..


  1. Very well written!! I especially loved the lines.....
    "I am judged by myself
    But am also judged by many others
    Is it enough to surpass myself..or
    Is it necessary to surpass others?

    I start by pleasing myself
    Enroute I end up pleasing others
    Suddenly pleasing others seems foremost
    And I am not so sure of myself"
    How often we end up in the rut of pleasing others by doind things the way they would like it..... but that always ends up in self doubt!

  2. -Its not sufficient to be good enough, u need to surpass yourself

    - Is the assignment good enough to be submitted..

    Questions like this trouble myself all the time.I however never took the altruistic path

  3. Second guessing yourself is the worst thing to do. I do it all the time. Difficult to shrug this habit off.

  4. Thanks for the tagging suggestion doing so!

  5. Simran: thank you so much for the appreciation! it is always a tug between good enough for yourself or good enough for others...

    Perception: it is good to aim to surpass yourself..for an aim to surpass others will most always end up in self-doubt..

    Zeba: ya..its funny when sometimes we have to take the effort to appreciate abd believe in yourself..
    many thanks for following me!

    Aparna: dont know if i jumpped too early into giving the suggestion..(did i??)...thanks for the tag again!

  6. Hey you multifaceted lady :)

    Lovely one, and so heartfelt! Keep writing :)

  7. Aparna: thanks, you are generous in saying so..:-)


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