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Art and some giveaways..

Art- in form of drawing, painting, sketching, craft or handiwork- and I are like chalk and cheese. The drawing classes in school used to send me into an all-time low. The teacher would announce a topic and while I would gape at the blackboard and devise ways of intelligently tackling the topic in a way that will allow least forms of drawing, my artistic friends would have filled the canvas in breathtaking hues and forms. I was among those students that could give the poor drawing teacher the nightmares.

I do have, can safely say, a decent sense of the aesthetics. So, you will not catch me dead in a fluorescent green shirt and shocking pink trousers. I like subtlety and a touch of ethnicity in my home décor. I love to browse through beautifully done up homes in magazines or blogs, drawing ideas and inspirations from them to decorate my future home. I have great regard and admiration for people who rather than just pick up random stuff out of store shelves, make the effort to create them and give them a personal and warm touch, especially given my inadequacy of craftsmanship and creativity.

So, what’s with a post with Art and a giveaway as the title? Since art and I do not gel so well, I cannot dream of giving my creations as a giveaway. I do not want to scare away the existing few that visit me here. Well, so what if I cannot make a portrait or think of a creative use for old curtains. It does not stop me for contesting for goodies that other artists are putting up as giveaways. Simran, whose blog simzcorner is a wonderful blog on home décor, is giving away awesome goodies to mark her 100th post milestone. Do have a look at what she has there.

p.s. Now, who can turn down a person who is such a great advertising maybe the awesome pouches may just find their way into my closet..Simran, are you listening?..;-))

And others, who may have also set their eyes and heart upon those gifts, may follow suit and spread the message and you may well be the lucky one.


  1. Well I share ur artistic ability and ur aesthetic sense[atleast I thk i do]....
    but u knw wht as the kids grew up & brought home art work, I realised tht I had better artistic abilities than I gave myself credit for.

    '...gape at the blackboard...'...tht part of it was really funny;-D.
    Seriously u cd have been talking abt me;-D

  2. You mean you are better than your kids or they have taken after you??
    after seeing Nikita's art work, I presume it is the latter (right??)

    sometimes we just shy away from giving ourselves the due credit, isnt sure happens with me...

  3. Art is a form of expressing. Every horrifically portrait I make and present to my teacher, I do not forget to mention that it is a pure abstract.
    Art is also renounced as creativity in any form.

  4. Yes Uma I am listening!! :) Lets hope they do really make way into your closet!

  5. Prateek: art was always a abstract one...

    Simram: :-) fingers crossed..:-)

  6. It is a pleasure to be around artistic kids..

  7. Zeba: err...not sure..havent been around artistic kids...yet to see if my kid turns out to be artistic..which i doubt given my genes..;-)

    thanks for being here!..:-)

  8. Thanks for the link Uma. I'll be definitely browsing through the blog.

  9. Hehe u give me too much be very frank I dont think even my kids are all tht artistic but they are very interested in it. So I give them the oppurtunity to toss ideas around. Creativity also needs a push doesnt it:-)).

  10. Aparna: u're welcome!

    Nancy: and you have a magic box full of ideas in ur head, so tht's a great push for the kids i say!


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