Anyone out there who thinks it is great to have two kids close in age to one another, please do not read any further because I am just about to pour out all the angst two such kids are giving me us at the moment.

S and R are very similar in nature. Meaning, both have a similar disposition with respect to the amount of mischief they can create. They are a handful even on their own (though they can be handled individually), so just imagine the chaos and mental trauma for the rest of the adult folk when these two get together. They are a deadly combination. Each teaches the other newer tricks and the two build up on them. While S talks non-stop all day, R cannot stop moving. He forever wants to be on the go or be in a vehicle that is on the go. Being stationary is not a part of his dictionary. And when they squabble with each other, you might want to tear your head and dash off the house. Mostly they get along pretty well. Which makes life tougher for us, coz all the trouble doubles up. By time you are done reprimanding one, the other is onto a different sort of mischief. All the talk about they looking cute when they play, is done by people who have nothing to do with both of them. Yes, they do look very sweet together and their innocent banter lights up the house. But that is just for a few moments! And, innocent they look but only when asleep.

Figure this in your mind:
Both the kids have this ride-on-car toy on which they race about the whole house without any care for anyone's foot or any other article that may come in the way. When they are finished with it, one of them finds the small hole in the wall (yes even the newly painted wall managed to get a hole) and digs it further off the paint and cement. Once you are done pulling the errant kid off the site, you find that the other has sneaked into the bathroom (that was accidentally left open) and opened the water tap to wet himself completely. After we have (sufficiently?) scolded them, there is silence for like 5 minutes. Panicking, we look for them to find them having opened the dettol handwash (which is normally placed far away on the washbasin counter) and poured the contents on to the floor! HELP!!!! (this is just a preview of what actually goes on)

The two brats exchange meaningful smiles and decide to throw the entire set of building blocks from one end of the room to the other. Though R still talks in a mazhalai that only I can understand, S and he seem to have perfect conversations. The two are in perfect sync when together and appear lost when either of the two is not available for mischief. R, who is generally a mouse in front of other kids who tend to bully him, is totally a gunda with S, snatching toys (his and hers) from her hands, pulling her hair and hitting her when provoked or even sometimes without any provocation. Not sure if his personality is changing or he is this way only with S (knowing deep down that he can take liberties with her?). I will know only when I get back to B'lore and see him in the company of his other friends.

p.s.:  yes, there are some real aww moments too. When, for e.g., R gets hurt, S is among the first to mother him and say its OK. Although R is yet to learn the finer aspects of showing love, he too reaches out at random to S to give her a hug and kiss. He waits forlornly for her to return from school and as soon as he sees her, his face brightens up.


  1. Awww! hugs darling..I can so understand...this is the case with R and her cousins as well....hugs hugs hugs..

    I loved the last para..isnt that what cousins are all about :)

  2. Did you by any chance come to my place and note down points? This is how my daily life is! **Sigh** And yes, your P.S. is the oases between the mischief-desert! :D

  3. RM: :-D *hugs back*..
    yeah, cousins make gr8 siblings too ;-)

    SnS: LOL! I can understand your predicament. Here the saving grace is we know it is temporary ;-)
    and know what, I used to think it is fun to have twins! now i know better ;)

  4. Techinically ,I shouldn't have continued reading after your disclaimer because I have always thought that cousins/siblings of the same age group were easier to manage. Ah , well.. what was I thinking ?

  5. Bhargavi: ah..the misconceptions we have about kids before motherhood!!
    and I wanted to have twins!! *rolls eyes and shakes head in horror*

  6. I am so glad Ravi sent me your link! I love your blog and this post is so amazing. I have a little baby girl and we havent even gotten to crawling yet but your blog makes everything so real, guess its all about bracing yourself for the ride and enjoying it why at the same time being frustrated by it too! Ah the madness :-)

  7. Aarathi: I am glad too to have found you! My son is 2 years now, the madness increases with age and multiplies when there is company..:-)
    Thanks for the wonderful comment!
    "bracing yourself for the ride and enjoying it why at the same time being frustrated by it too" you said it!

  8. "All the talk about they looking cute when they play, is done by people who have nothing to do with both of them"... I think I belong to this category of people.. :D :D

  9. I can understand the situation pretty well being a mother to twin 5 year old brats. Everyone except me thinks that I am lucky that both are there to play with each other. Only I know, how much time energy and effort it needs to see that they dont fight over every single thing in the house

  10. Radhika: LOL...:-D

    Anon: I hear you..though am/was guilty of thinking that people with twins are least no pressure of a second kid..;-)

  11. Heyyy Uma.. am catching up on blog posts after a one week gap :)... The kids sure sound like a handful... and brilliantly inventive too ;).. Definitely sounds like having kids around the same age needs a lot of patience and energy to handle!

    LOL at your twins comment above - I used to feel the same ;)

  12. Aparna: heyy..missed u around..:-)
    am sure handling two kids irrespective of the age gap needs a LOT of extra quotients. I now have huge respect for parents of two and more!
    Lol @ twins ;-)

  13. Even with some years apart, there is trouble waiting to shake hands with you.. Have been there, am still there many of the times with the nieces, nephews pouring in during hols..

    Hey, and good to see you back.. reading your other posts!

  14. Vidya: hey, Vidya..missed u seeing here..
    I know. I know.. like I said above, my respect for parents of more than one kid has grown manifold..:-)

  15. haha they are a handful for sure.

    and yes, respects to all those who are doing a wonderful job at it

    1. seriously! hats off to people to work around and remain sane amidst such chaotic life on a daily basis :-)


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