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Neighbours howlers (part two)

The play area in our complex is on the first level which makes the car-park and the walk-way - which are on the ground level- and play area separate areas. R loves to camper down to the ground-level and admire the cars and bikes parked and also run down the joggers path. So I end up being the only mother at the walk-way running and keeping pace with a curious toddler meeting other curious joggers and oldies who are taking their evening walk. On one such evening I happened to come across an old lady (henceforth referred to as OL) who seemed amused with R's ways.

R was making sweeping gestures on the road and attempted to eat some pebbles for which I sharply chided him in Tamizh. It was this juncture that my first encounter with the OL happened. She heard and understood me and simply smiled and went her way. Such reactions are not new to me and I assumed her to be one among others who generally give me a amused and even at times an indulgent nod. As R and I were retreating to our home we met the OL again. This time she was in a more leisure mood, apparently having finished her evening walk. She caught up with us.

OL: So, you are done with sweeping the road?- *smiling and directing the Q towards R*

I smiled back in reply

OL: So, which block?

Me: ...block

OL: So, does he (R) go to school?

No, not yet. There's still time for that.

are you working?

Me: No

OL: tuitions then?

By now I had sensed the extreme and needless curiosity in the OL. Such people turn me off completely. I really don't know how to shut them up. Politeness also comes in the way if the other person is an elderly one. I could have come up with a dozen excuses and given her the slip but the barrage of questions ensued so swiftly that I did not have enough time to think. At such times I mostly clam up and answer in monosyllables hoping the other person would take the hint. But this OL was no mean person to take hints. She went about her probing ways. And the interrogation continued...

Me: No

OL: how do you pass the time then?

I must have reacted sharply in my facial expression for she quickly added that yes, I had my kid to look after. But, she continued........

is he (R) your first)?

Do you cook yourself or you have a maid?

What have you studied?

What does your Husband do?

Is his job transferable? Is this your own house?

And finally....what are your names?

With enough boredom and agitation in my voice that my conscience would permit I answered the OL and prayed like hell that I never meet her again. Anyway she had all the information with her to chart out my life-sketch.

All I could feel and say to myself at the end was grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

For people who are curious to know about the part one of this series, they can read it here. The plot is uncannily similar. Hope it is not me who has the penchant of attracting such fellow inhabitants.


  1. come u attract such ppl???

  2. LOL Uma.. How did you have the patience?! Sounds like a crazy experience - didn't know living in an apartment had such dangerous side-effects!

  3. Chitra: hope its not me...grr...

    Aparna: dnt abt patience happened very quickly and am also in a way ill-equipped to deal with such pesky people which requires a certain presence of mind..maybe the next time (world is nt short of pesky people) i'll be a little more prepared...:-D

  4. Oh god...she didn't ask ur star sign and the name of the mandapam where u got married???!!!!! Wtf!!! Grrrrr indeed!

  5. Aparna: I was a total grr time!


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