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Girls night out

It has been a complete year now that we are in Bangalore. The move from Hyderabad was a positive one right from the time we knew we were to shift here. Both hubby and me have our friends settled here and just knowing that we would be living close-by and meet them often was very comforting. Having familiar people around you in a new city helps you to warm towards the place.

As expected, we loved the city as soon as we settled in. Our social life was never better. Every weekend is spent meeting either my group of friends or hubby's. I gel well with his friends and their wives and the same can be said about hubby and my set of friends. This is an important factor without which it would have been difficult for either of us to maintain our individual friendships. All of us have kids around the same age which has also contributed to the entire bonding factor.

Last Friday my friends and I decided to have a girls time out and watch the movie ZNMD without the husbands and the kids. This was the first ever time we were to venture out leaving behind our kids with our hubbies to entertainment just ourselves. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the plan. I looked forward to things that I had stopped doing after R arrived on the scene. I was itching to leave behind the diaper bag that has become synonymous with me. For once, I didn't have to think what snacks to take along and how to keep R entertained. Oh! feeling was liberating.

So, the three families gathered at M's house after office hours and while the husbands decided to have their own share of fun together with the kids, M, A and I sneaked out to sniff the air of freedom (if I can use this word). The movie was a lighthearted one and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Knowing that our kids will be fine with the husbands, there was no guilt factor too! Hmm..we need to do this often.

I am one down on my to-list that I made a couple of months ago. I am done with the driving lessons now and I take some time out on weekends to drive our car so that I get the confidence to drive on Bangalore roads. Of course this is done with hubby by my side and at a time when there is hardly any traffic. After a couple of weekends, I am now fairly confident, although there a few rough edges that needs to be smoothened. I drove for an hour each again this weekend and felt really proud of the feat. It does mean a lot to me that I can drive a four-wheeler for it means empowerment and independence.

I haven't been able to devote time for any novels post-motherhood. Yet, when I saw "The Palace of Illusions" by Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni on the bookshelf, I couldn't resist buying it. I have read some good reviews on a few blogs and thought I should read this. Maybe this time I can break the jinx of not having able to complete reading a book. Also picked up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Hopefully I get down to reading them sooooon.

So that was my weekend. Yeah, I am a little late in updating it. But as they say- better late than never. So, what did you guys do?


  1. Hey that is great!! You finally managed to get around to that girls night out :) I r'ber you telling me that its been quite some time since your last one. Yay for you!!! And I saw the movie Charlie and the Choclate factory just today. Coincidence Huh! Hope u get around to reading and finishing it soon :)

  2. Hi Uma
    After long am visiting your blog. So U like Blore now?. I miss blore. 4 yrs after leaving the place and settling at Doha.
    Enjoy ur blore life, driving around. BTB do u ever find parking in blore now!! write more....
    catch me on sushmaspage.blogspot and my gallery too in case you might like some pictures especially from doha.

  3. Great! may you have many more girls nights out! Congratulations on getting started and well on the way to does make one feel very independent.My weekend? Lots of errands and had a lovely Sunday brunch at a swanky place. Stuffed our faces then came back home and slept for 2 hours like logs! Realized that a huge advantage of older kids is that even when they don't nap, u can!

  4. Simran: Yes! I remember mentioning how I longed to go on a girls night out...yay to that!!!
    I have begun to read Palace of Illusions..its keeping me hooked..

    Sushma: Welcome back!!!
    Thanks! Yep, I like b'lore..and surely will visit your page..
    do keep visiting..

    Aparna: :-D thanks!!
    Wow sunday brunch and a looong nap sounds awesome..
    so true about the older kids and nap thing..will patiently wait for the day to arrive in my case..:-)

  5. Wow that sounds great Uma! And I must point my hubby in the direction of this entry soon it seems so he can see where I'm heading ;).

    I can appreciate what you said about you getting along well with hubby's friends & family and vice-versa. That's exactly the sort of element we miss sometimes when it comes to each of our work colleagues so it's not easy to keep up friendships in that case :(.

    So proud of you for the driving - go for it! That was something that was the highlight of my weekend. Hubby was travelling, so I drove a lot more than I usually do :).

  6. Aparna: yes! surely you must give a hint to your hubby..;-) drove around when hubby wasn't cool...hopefully i'll get there soon...thanks for your wishes..:-D


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