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Some rhymes

Some rhymes by R. See if you find them familiar.

Tinku tinku tinku
aika daimind
in de kai

Baba baba basheet
ai ai
esh shir esh shir
tee baash
ichab (the little boy is ichab u see)

One two shoe
tee pour shuttado
pie chix picka chiks
ay em chay
nine ten
big cat hen


  1. SOOOOO adorable!!!! Give him a hug from me:)

  2. Awww....chooooo chweeeeet :)

  3. u shud record it and put it up! it sounds soooooo adorable!

  4. Aparna: Thanks :-) will give your hugs..

    Tan: thanks..:-)

    Purnima: it is getting increasingly difficult to capture R on video. The moment I switch it one he stops whatever he is doing and makes a dive for the camera..:-)..but I will try..:-)

  5. o so sweet. i wanna see him. coming soon. and is now so difficult to capture these btiful moments on camera!

  6. Chitra: yay! waiting for you guys!


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