Why do I read? asks Simran

Thanks Simran, for tagging me. The question probably should be more like, do you read now? And you pretty much listed most of the reasons that I would have given to the Y's of reading.

While I spent some time mulling over this question, I came to realize that my reading habit, for various reasons, has unfortunately taken a downward curve. I used to read quite a lot during my childhood years. So much so that I would have a book in hand while I ate. Even Balbharati English text books were OK. I guess I did read (although I do not come under the "voracious" category) until I started work. Here, apart from the occasional book while travelling to work, the curve started making a downward dip. Other preoccupations took priority until marriage. The graph started to look better with hubby's influence and I read some very good books, both fiction and non-fiction, around this time. The pregnancy months saw me read a lot of spiritual (haha, yes for good influence) and light-veined stuff. Post motherhood, barring a couple of unsuccessful attempts at reading, I didn't do any serious reading. Of course, that is if you discount reading baby center articles and blog articles on the net.

I graduated from reading Tinkles, Champak, Chandamama, Amar Chitra Katha to Enid Blyton to Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon to Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham. So, it is no big deal when you see these authors on my reading list to decipher that I am a fiction lover. I read the odd non-fiction if and when prompted by rave reviews from fellow book lovers. I have realized, by now, that the book reviews by certain magazines or the fact that they became bestsellers do not hold any water for me. Some such books, bought in such enthusiasm, are lying gathering dust after tedious reading of the first few chapters.

This is what makes me read a book: Abstract writing does not appeal to me. I like the writing to be breezy and crisp. One that instantaneously imports you to another era, time, space or world. Something that makes you actually live the story till the very end. An engaging plot that makes me forget myself and the mundane. I have sometimes even dreamed of the characters in the book that I would be currently reading. The blogs I read also should contribute to reading. I look for the style of writing and the content in any blog. Both must appeal to me. I like a satirical take on serious issues rather than a heavy-duty full length analysis of the same. A book or any article I read is either a form of escapism into an utopian world or to gather insights about a unknown territory or to have crazy laughs or to delve deep into solving a crime mystery or spend restless days over a thriller.

I started to read The Palace Of Illusions a couple of days ago and re-discovered the old passion when I wouldn't be able to put down a book easily. So much so that I kept away even from blogging.

Anybody reading this is most welcome to take up this tag - as a comment if non-blogger or as a blog-post if a blogger. People reading this blog and who haven't commented so far, here's your chance to de-lurk. In particular, would like to know the reading secrets of Purnima, Radhika, Tan and Namratha.


  1. Hey! That was quick. Tinkle, champak, chandamama all of these were part of my reading list too. I agree about the bestseller part also - I would rather read a lesser known book with good reviews. Thanks for taking up the tag and passing it on too :)

  2. Hi Uma,
    Well, i have never been a voracious reader... earlier, reading never interested me much... it's not that i do not read at all... infact i do read some blogs regularly ever since i came into blogging... as far as books are concerned, i like the stuff that's somewhat realistic or something that i can relate too... i hv read some mysteries and love stories... of the few books i hv read, i particularly enjoyed reading Da vinci code and five point someone... i haven't read any book frm quite sometime now... hope to start one... :) Any suggestions from your end????

  3. Umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    I am gonna copy and paste this post of yours!!! what am I supposed to write when u write my story??!

    I will however try and use different words.... where's my dictionary now?

  4. Simran: Thank YOU for the lovely tag!

    Radhika: err..am not sure if I am the right person to suggest..maybe, you can try a few genres to see what kind suits your taste. If you like humour, you can try the P.G. Wodehouse series..i.e. if you like English humour..if you like mystery and romance maybe start with sidney shelson novels...

    Purnima: LOLOL...are you a lost twin then?? ;-)

  5. maybe! check for "OM" tattoo on ur right forearm! ;)

  6. Hi dear,
    Thanks for tagging me.

    Palace of illusions is a book that i am planning to buy soon. I think we share common reading tastes. Please read my reading secrets at

  7. Am reading Noddy and the like with Varun, Blytons, Tinkles, Dalhs with Vyas, and my own stuff.. The Palace of Illusions is a wonderful book.. a very contemporary woman in Draupadi! My day is incomplete if i don't read at least 2 pages:)

  8. Vidya: Wow..am sure reading Noddy, Blytons and Tinkles must be as satisfying as The Palace...
    I loved the book for the way it is written..


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