Yet again!

Yet again...

Yet again we are caught vulnerable
yet again our leaders
sacrificed us at the altar
yet again we shed tears
for those who lost their loved ones
'cause this government does not care

Gloom, despair, frustration, anger
emotions fill the heart galore
death is natural but not terror
but this has happened yet again

For how long do we tolerate
for long do we keep moving on
there is only one life
we cannot give another chance
to witness a 'yet again'

It's time to get up
it's time to revolt
against the enemy;
one that is not unknown
but a friend whose face
we have now known

let's not be resilient
let's not be brave
for these are virtues
taken advantage of
to recreate a 'yet again'


  1. Well expressed Uma. This topic is definitely on most of our minds today, and you have captured it concisely.

  2. Very Apt! So true. This is what most of us are thinking about today...

    Its so hard to express the feeling.

  3. Aparna and RS: is very disturbing and wanted to pour it no particular manner or fashion..

  4. super. u've become a poet. just what everyone feels now i suppose

  5. Chitra: aah poet n all..too much praise..
    i really really hope we have a better government next elections..i wish narendra modi becomes the must read articles on how well Gujarat is doing now. This stupid media is doing everything to not report it.


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