At 19 months..

R can string two words together to form a phrase. He says "gut maning" or "pone ta" (phone ta - give the phone)
"appy buday".

His hands, feet and mouth seem to work in tandem. He is mostly seen running, fidgeting and chattering away all at the same time.

He loves roaming about the house on the tip of his toes just "hunting" for some kind of mischief. The favourite place is still the kitchen. The area of focus has widened its scope from the cabinets- which still holds attraction- to the counter top. I find it nearly impossible to keep things out of his reach. He simply reaches out to things balancing himself on his toes and stretching his hands as far as he can to pick the farthest item on the counter. This is especially annoying when I am cooking and cannot possibly keep everything I use to place it back into its right location or at least away from his reach.

He loves to be tickled and actually "asks" to be tickled by lying down on the bed or couch and calling out to me or hubby with a mischievous smile.

He has begun to climb on even the tiniest of ledges and handles of cabinets.

The phase of throwing things, hitting and biting has begun. Hitting and biting is thankfully (?) limited to us parents (yet). On the note of throwing, the other day balancing himself on the small ledge on the wall propping himself up by holding the window grill to look outside. This he does often to watch the vehicles go past on the dusty road nearby. I happened to give him company this time and was looking out when my eyes fell upon a shiny small black object in a corner downstairs. It eerily looked familiar to the remote control of our music system. Now, although we rarely use the system, it is precious to us firstly because my hubby won this in his office yearly shuffle that they have for the New Year's. Secondly, simply because it came free doesn't mean it has no value. It is a wonderful speaker system that supports the ipod. But as I mentioned we rarely use it for the lack of time hence the remote control is not something that we would miss in our daily lives. Secondly, to calm and keep R still after bath so that he would lie quiet till I dressed him up, I usually give him some object that is attractive to him and this small piece comes in handy most times. And the multi-purpose object is generally (err...most times) restored to a more appropriate place later.

Back to the story, I saw this shining black thing and- bang -something clicked in my head. I searched for the remote and sure enough it was missing. I rushed downstairs thanking the supreme all the way that I noticed it before anyone else could lay their hands on it. It would be useless to that person but we would have lost a precious accessory whose replacement I am not sure would have been so easy. Not to mention the accompanying heartache and headache.

Maybe time to make an inventory and see if anything else is missing in the house!


  1. your son will be so amused to read/hear all this when he grows up... :)

  2. All the best Uma :). Hopefully you identified the habit right at the beginning and can be wary from now on!

    The tickling phase happened with my kids too - it lasts a long time in fact ! Makes me wonder at what age we suddenly get uncomfortable with getting tickled, and start getting irritated instead of enjoying it!

  3. Radhika: thanks..hope so...:-)

    Aparna: hehe..thanks...i guess once you get conscious of your own body you resist the uncomfortable touches..
    My niece who is 2 and a half already resists being kissed..:-)

  4. I so hate it when kids (boys especially) go into the embarassed to be hugged by mom phase :(. Keep merattifying my 3 yr old that he better not do that anytime soon!!

  5. Aparna: really :-) let me know if the merattifying works...

  6. LOL......hope it was not broken into pieces. A friend of mine once found the cordless inside the washing machine...after washing the clothes;-D

  7. This tickling business is funny...some kids love it, my kid doesnt feel a thing when tickled and loves it when people tickle her feet whereas I'm so squirmish tht seeing her feet tickled, my own just curls up in defence;-(

  8. Nancy: hehehe...nope thankfully i got it back in one piece..and lol@ the cordless incident.. tht's one of your quirks..i feel so ticklish on my thighs that a small nudge is enough for me to jump in defence..;-)

  9. "He is mostly seen running, fidgeting and chattering away all at the same time. " - Ah! Bingo!! You wont know where that spurt of energy comes from :-)

    Giving objects after bath - OMG! Same here - and usually it ends up being the mobile/watch - some such thing!

  10. RS: LOL..these kids are the same, na..:-)

  11. I could completely understand what you are trying to say and I also understand the tension at that moment.
    My 17 month old is on similar jobs. If you have seen that on my blog.

    Beautifully written. He will be glad to have a mom like you. :)

    All the best for future expeditions! :D

  12. Spicy Sweet: Hey I've yet to read many of your posts..will do that in time...
    So, your kid is 17 months now? then we would find ourselves in similar situations..:-D
    Thanks so much for the kind words..
    wish you luck too...we shall share our experiences along..


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