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Why do I read? asks Simran

Thanks Simran, for tagging me. The question probably should be more like, do you read now? And you pretty much listed most of the reasons that I would have given to the Y's of reading.

While I spent some time mulling over this question, I came to realize that my reading habit, for various reasons, has unfortunately taken a downward curve. I used to read quite a lot during my childhood years. So much so that I would have a book in hand while I ate. Even Balbharati English text books were OK. I guess I did read (although I do not come under the "voracious" category) until I started work. Here, apart from the occasional book while travelling to work, the curve started making a downward dip. Other preoccupations took priority until marriage. The graph started to look better with hubby's influence and I read some very good books, both fiction and non-fiction, around this time. The pregnancy months saw me read a lot of spiritual (haha, yes for good influence) and light-vei…

Girls night out

It has been a complete year now that we are in Bangalore. The move from Hyderabad was a positive one right from the time we knew we were to shift here. Both hubby and me have our friends settled here and just knowing that we would be living close-by and meet them often was very comforting. Having familiar people around you in a new city helps you to warm towards the place.

As expected, we loved the city as soon as we settled in. Our social life was never better. Every weekend is spent meeting either my group of friends or hubby's. I gel well with his friends and their wives and the same can be said about hubby and my set of friends. This is an important factor without which it would have been difficult for either of us to maintain our individual friendships. All of us have kids around the same age which has also contributed to the entire bonding factor.

Last Friday my friends and I decided to have a girls time out and watch the movie ZNMD without the husbands and the kids. This…

Beauty-full of woes

Ma'm you have a lot of scars and pits on your face. Please take blah blah facial. That will also help reduce the dark circles and the tan.Ma'm you have so many white and black heads!Ma'm your feet are black. This colour nail polish will not suit you. This *taking out a horrendous pink colour one* will look nice.
No thanks. I have black feet, so please put on the one I have chosen.

No prizes for guessing where this conversation could have taken place. A place where ironically we go to feel and look better. By no standards can the above tete-a-tete lift someone's spirits. Let me add here that I do not particularly look forward going to the parlour even otherwise but, like many of my friends from the same clan may agree, I also cannot avoid it. I don't know if it happens to all but I get the feeling, each time, that I am a perfect candidate for all the beauty products (read improvement solutions) available . Yes, it could be a marketing strategy used on everyone to tap…

Some rhymes

Some rhymes by R. See if you find them familiar.

Tinku tinku tinku
aika daimind
in de kai

Baba baba basheet
ai ai
esh shir esh shir
tee baash
ichab (the little boy is ichab u see)

One two shoe
tee pour shuttado
pie chix picka chiks
ay em chay
nine ten
big cat hen

Sleep drama

R considers sleep as his biggest enemy. Right from birth. While babies all over the world slept for most part of the day and night, this boy would manage a total of about 11-12 hours on the whole, with the major block for the night. He never had his nights and days mixed up, so he pretty much had his clock wired like that of an adult. His naps during the day would last a whole 15 minutes.

While we have come a long way from those 'tiring and sleepless' times, R still maintains his 11-12 hour sleep schedule. Thank god for small mercies he hasn't slipped below that. He wakes up at 6.00 a.m. as soon as the alarm goes off. While I am inclined to snooze it and get some extra snuggle time, R is up and raring to go. I really long to sip my morning coffee in peace while R sleeps but this is very very rare.

I then harbour hopes on having my evening tea without R climbing all over me or without having to sip my tea in-between getting R his snacks or he climbing all over me and me g…

Yet again!

Yet again...

Yet again we are caught vulnerable
yet again our leaders
sacrificed us at the altar
yet again we shed tears
for those who lost their loved ones
'cause this government does not care

Gloom, despair, frustration, anger
emotions fill the heart galore
death is natural but not terror
but this has happened yet again

For how long do we tolerate
for long do we keep moving on
there is only one life
we cannot give another chance
to witness a 'yet again'

It's time to get up
it's time to revolt
against the enemy;
one that is not unknown
but a friend whose face
we have now known

let's not be resilient
let's not be brave
for these are virtues
taken advantage of
to recreate a 'yet again'

At 19 months..

R can string two words together to form a phrase. He says "gut maning" or "pone ta" (phone ta - give the phone)
"appy buday".

His hands, feet and mouth seem to work in tandem. He is mostly seen running, fidgeting and chattering away all at the same time.

He loves roaming about the house on the tip of his toes just "hunting" for some kind of mischief. The favourite place is still the kitchen. The area of focus has widened its scope from the cabinets- which still holds attraction- to the counter top. I find it nearly impossible to keep things out of his reach. He simply reaches out to things balancing himself on his toes and stretching his hands as far as he can to pick the farthest item on the counter. This is especially annoying when I am cooking and cannot possibly keep everything I use to place it back into its right location or at least away from his reach.

He loves to be tickled and actually "asks" to be tickled by lying down on t…

Neighbours howlers (part two)

The play area in our complex is on the first level which makes the car-park and the walk-way - which are on the ground level- and play area separate areas. R loves to camper down to the ground-level and admire the cars and bikes parked and also run down the joggers path. So I end up being the only mother at the walk-way running and keeping pace with a curious toddler meeting other curious joggers and oldies who are taking their evening walk. On one such evening I happened to come across an old lady (henceforth referred to as OL) who seemed amused with R's ways.

R was making sweeping gestures on the road and attempted to eat some pebbles for which I sharply chided him in Tamizh. It was this juncture that my first encounter with the OL happened. She heard and understood me and simply smiled and went her way. Such reactions are not new to me and I assumed her to be one among others who generally give me a amused and even at times an indulgent nod. As R and I were retreating to our h…