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Anticipating adventure, we excitedly dug out the dusty, old lamp from the attic at our grandparents’ house.

“Hurry, before someone sees us” urged my younger brother tugging at my sleeve.

“Stop!” “You’ll make me drop it” I barked in a low voice.

“Give it to me.” He demanded.

“No!..this lamp needs some dusting.” I snapped, wiping its surface, unaware of my miffed, mutiny-filled companion muttering sharply under his breath.

The cloud of dust billowed larger and I found myself shrunk in size, into an old woman; the cobbled pathway where I stood resembled large salt pans.

A voice echoed,” next wish!”

Copyright - Dawn Q. Landau

Word count: 101

Linking the 100 word fiction to this week's photo-prompt at Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers, and


  1. Some twist this! So what IS your next wish?

  2. Yikes! Was it what she would have wanted?

  3. A good twist, but a little scary. Well written.

  4. eeks. did you really want to become old?

  5. @ Tulika, Shailaja, Bellybytes and Ushaji: Thank you for your comments. Looks like I didn't come across as I expected. The twist I wanted to convey is, while the lamp got inadvertently rubbed, the actual wish and abracadabra was uttered by the little brother. So, of course, I was turned into an old little woman all against my wish! :-)))

  6. Great take on the picture! #FridayFictioneers

  7. Replies
    1. haha..hope that means you liked it, Keirthana :-)

  8. Nicely done, really nicely done :)

    1. Thank you, thank you so much, Jairam :-)

  9. That was a real twist there, Uma... Well done..

  10. Uma, We have to be careful of our thoughts when we're handling a magic lamp. Well written. : ) ---Susan

  11. When you least expect it, something creepy comes! Good story! Nan :)


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