If I were an animal #Drabbleweek #100words

Jumping, growling, scratching
Howling, screaming, chattering
Loitering about without a hurry
Unrestrained when in fury

Rules of the game, no one dare change
Only the strongest can manage

Long ago, only animals operated thus
Alas! We humans are in a similar circus

Considering ourselves to be greater
Trying to race past against nature
A folly, to realize only in future

Perhaps, if I were an animal
I’d laugh and not marvel
The myths, I’ll dispel,

“Of higher conscious, you are capable
Yet, choose to live below your level
Why the arrogance and the pride
When you live in greater divide”

Word count: 100

Written in response to the day 3 prompt " If I were an animal" at the Drabble week for marathon bloggers.


  1. The ending lines...this forces me to think.
    Brilliant piece.

  2. This is a powerful piece, Uma! How much of an animal we really are. It is incredible.

  3. you nailed it be ending it in these lines "Of higher conscious, you are capable
    Yet, choose to live below your level" Stunning work

  4. Wow... That was wonderfully done.

    1. Thanks a ton, Tulika and its so wonderful to see your comments on my posts..really appreciate your taking the time out to do this :-)

  5. My,my! What a powerful punch to the humankind! True story though.


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