A new chapter- Part Three


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The conference went off as expected. The clients seemed pleased with Shekar’s presentation. He gave a quick report to his senior boss over the phone, emailed the other details, and finished off some pending work. He had a couple of more meetings scheduled for the next two days after which was to fly back to Mumbai. He decided to sleep off the remaining afternoon and then gear up for his subsequent presentations. 

As Shekar turned the key in his hotel room, he heard loud noises from the room adjoining his. There was some shuffling of feet and then suddenly the door opened and a smart-looking guy came out. He was teasing the girl about something and she made a mocking gesture of pushing him out. Only the girl’s hands were visible from outside the door as the guy came out.

Shekar quickly entered his room as he didn’t want to be caught staring at unknown people and closed the door behind him. The couple seemed like newly-weds, he thought amusedly. Then it struck him. They were the same couple he had seen near the lift. He had forgotten about the morning episode, but now the memory was refreshed. Pity! He couldn’t get a glimpse of that girl again. Probably he could’ve known what it was about the girl that seemed so familiar.

And, then he heard a name being called out. He couldn’t be sure but he thought it was ‘Kavya’. He rushed out in to the lobby but there was no one there. He had half a mind to knock at the next room and find out who was staying there but then thought the better of it. He was on an official visit. If he was wrong, he would not only get himself into trouble but also jeopardize his company’s name. He did not see the couple for the remaining part of his stay.

Shekar messaged Kavya as soon as he reached Bangalore. It was nearly midnight and Kavya was surprised to see his message: “Hi Honey! Missed you. Let’s meet tom..Same time.. Same place.” Kavya smiled to herself and slept soundly that night.

The next morning she messaged Shekar “heyy..you back? Sorry, I’m busy, working even today. Let’s meet tom.”

Shekar’s was sorely disappointed but then decided to use the time to check on Sneha instead. Sneha’s number was constantly busy. This was so unlike Sneha who’d drop every other call to speak to him. Since it was a Saturday, Shekar decided to pay Sneha a surprise visit. Sneha shared a flat along with 2 other girls in a busy suburb about 10 kms from where he lived.

He knew Sneha would be angry with him and would demand a concrete timeline to seal their relationship. He had to buy time and at the same time not lose Sneha’s confidence. He’d probably have to go that extra mile and propose an engagement to her. He bought a bouquet of roses on the way to set the mood. Shekar rang Sneha’s doorbell with great anticipation only to be told by Tara, her roommate that Sneha had left for her home town in Pune two days ago.

Things were certainly not going per his plan. Bewildered, Shekar turned to go back when Tara asked if he was Mohan. She gave him a letter that Sneha had left in his name.


  1. My my, you sure like your suspense. ;) The story is coming along well. Each part leaves me wanting more.

    1. Really? you like it? I'm glad and relieved to hear this, Keirthana :-)


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