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A new chapter- Final part

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Shekar opened Sneha's letter. “Mohan, I can’t wait any longer for you. My parents are getting old and would like to see me married soon. I owe this to them. So, I’m going back to stay near them and get married to someone who probably deserves me more than you. Goodbye.”

Getting dropped like a hot potato was a phrase Shekar had read only in the books but never experienced. How could she do this was all he could wonder. Sleep eluded him that night.

Kavya woke up early and showered leisurely. She wore her knee length multi-hued floral skirt with a white laced top. It was her favourite and wore it many times when she’d meet Shekar. She wore the beaded bracelet, Shekar’s gift, which went very well with the dress.

After the fiasco with Sneha, Shekar’s confidence had taking a beating and he waited impatiently for Kavya at the coffee shop.

Kavya walked in with a spring in her step, put her arms from behind around Shekar’s neck and gave a quick peck on his cheeks, “hey Baby! Missed you so much..How was your trip?”

Shekar disengaged himself from Kavya’s embrace. He forced a smile and made small and casual talk about his conference, the couple and the mysterious girl. Kavya seemed intrigued about his experience; she offered to get their favourite coffee from the counter so that she could listen to Shekar’s story in detail.

While Kavya was away to place their order, Shekar casually took Kavya’s phone in his hands. As he flipped through the pictures, he felt the air being punched out of his gut. There among the photos was the photo of the guy who he had seen at the hotel in Delhi. Kavya seemed to be more than friends with this guy in many of the photos.

Slowly the pieces of jigsaw fell in place. Now he understood why the girl seemed familiar. The events moved in his head as a slow flashback. The way the girl had worn her hair, the floral skirt that sashayed as she moved into the lift, the beaded bracelet that had caught his eye as the girl’s arm stretched out from the room, everything eerily pointed out to the girl being Kavya.  And, of course, how could he forget the name he heard being called out. It WAS Kavya!

“Uh…oh..meddling with someone’s phone without their permission is bad manners, you know?” teased Kavya, casually taking her phone back. “Oh, btw, this is Kunal, my team lead. I’d mentioned him to you earlier, right?” Kavya continued ignoring Shekar’s taut expression.

“You've been going around with this guy!” Shekar’s face glowered. It was you with him at the hotel in Delhi, wasn't it? Come on, tell me, you two-timer!”

This was the moment Kavya waited for. She gathered all her strength and courage and gave Shekar a resounding slap across his face.

“Yes, it was me. But, really, am I the only two-timer here? What right have you got to ask me this question?” thundered Kavya

What..what do you mean? Shekar was flabbergasted at Kavya’s behavior. He had never been so humiliated. The entire cafĂ© was now looking at Shekar and Kavya.

You don’t know? Do you also think that I don’t know? Kavya’s blood boiled and she flung the photos at Shekar’s face. His pictures with Sneha scattered all over the place.

Shekar looked shocked. Surprise, anger and finally shame shone through his eyes. He had got paid in his own coin. His ego did not let him apologize but he could also not meet his eyes with Kavya. He slunk away never to show his face to Kavya again.

Kavya trembled from the ugly showdown but nevertheless felt proud and relieved. She picked up her phone to thank a few people; without their help this face-off would not have been possible.


The same private detective who had helped Shriya in getting evidences against Shekar obtained his itinerary at the Delhi hotel. Kunal was actually Shriya’s fiancĂ©. Shriya and Kunal had been graceful enough to help her and went all the way to Delhi just for a day to stage the act. They had to implant the seed of doubt in Shekar’s mind. Timing was of utmost importance and both of them pulled if off commendably. It helped that Shriya was of the same built as Kavya.  As for the photos in Kavya’s phone, clever photography and a skillful photoshop act can do wonders.

And how could she forget Sneha, her partner in crime? Once Kavya proved to Sneha that Shekar was indeed Mohan, it took little time for Sneha to jump wholeheartedly into Kavya’s plans. She thanked Kavya for saving her life and resolved not to trust anyone so easily.

As for Kavya, she sat back to relish the coffee and the snacks. A new chapter was about to begin in her life.


  1. Enjoyed reading this Uma. I seemed to have miss the ongoing series. Now waiting for more:)

    1. thank you, Vibha..hope to not disappoint you :-)

  2. wow.Uma..u are a great story teller..keep it up! enjoyed reading...:)

  3. Interesting piece Uma.. like the way you went about the narration.. really nicely done :) I have been on and off last few days so hadnt got a chance to read all parts until now.
    Btw, read your comment on the first part.. I dont really prefer any particular kind of ending, it all depends on the story, narration style and what suits both. A lot also depends on the Author, whether s/her wants to let the readers interpret endings or provide a closure of their own. Would love to hear your views as well :)

    1. wow, Seeta..I'm glad you liked the narration..I was quite skeptical about how the story would be received..:-)
      Yes, for me it would depend on the style of narration..I probably won't like it if its the edge- of-the-seat kind of story with a vague ending..shorter stories can afford to have open endings, methinks :-)

  4. Hey Uma, enjoyed reading the story :) How you unraveled it. Now, I know what you meant by the comment on my latest post. I had been thinking about it all night :) Thank you, Uma for reading and giving a useful suggestion.

    1. Thank you Latha for understanding my point of view. After I posted the comment I felt so guilty..thought I was probably nit-pricking which I had no intention to do, especially when I really loved the narration.

    2. Ayyo no yaar...don't feel guilty at all. What else does a blogger need other than comments like this? :) I am always in for constructive criticism and your suggestion means a lot to me.

  5. Wha! What a series Uma :) I was so eagerly waiting to see how Shekar got a taste of his own medicine.

    1. Thanks, Keirthana..I take it that you were not disappointed?

  6. Awesome piece Uma. Keep it up! You are a great narrator!

    1. Hey Mrunalini, great to have you here and thanks a lot for the warm words! :-)

  7. That was a well deserved blow! Good series Uma!

  8. Enjoyed the series :) and I looooove ur short stories a lot. Its amazing how u convey so much in so little words.

    1. Namratha, you made my day with such a warm compliment! Thank you..thank you :-))))


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