Life comes a full circle

Ramya had a new patient waiting for counseling; a mother who had lost her child in an accident.

 She looked deep into her eyes. They looked very familiar. 

A chill rose up Ramya’s spine as she remembered that fateful day.

“Car runs over a toddler. Driver absconding”, reported the papers.

 Ramya was behind the wheel. 


For the prompt 'She looked deep into her eyes' for marathon bloggers. This is a week long attempt at 55-ers.

 #marathonbloggers #55wordfiction


  1. Uma, that was brilliant! Never expected the twist :):)

  2. Great twist Uma !! Nice how you bring it about in such short stories.. reminiscent of O'Henry's short stories.

    1. thanks a lot, Shubha...I'm totally flattered :-)


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