Happy Birthday to you..

...My dear R,

We are back in Mumbai at your paati's place since your appa had to go to the US for work. Am sure he is missing you as much as you and I are on this special day when you complete 2 years of age. No worries, we shall celebrate again once he is back!

It means another year of motherhood for me, my son. umm..so, how do I sum up my experience so far?
I have come a long way from being the tensed new mother of a newborn who was anxious about every little out-of-the-book symptom you exhibited. I am now a more confident and brave mother of a swift and energetic toddler who does throw in little shocks and surprises every now and then. I am by no means a know-all mother but now that you and I are no longer strangers to one another there is a known and comforting factor each time we deal with a difficult situation.

I still remember the first few months after you were born. I only remember feeding you all day with of course the potty and su-su cleaning in-between. You were always hungry! you would feed for not less than a hour and an hour later, you would be howling for milk again! Since you also almost never slept for more than 15 mins at a stretch during the day, I was a total nervous wreck during those months. I would think of the days ahead and  imagine the worst possible scenarios-that of a possible clingy cry-baby, of not being able to cope with raising a child and managing the house at the same time and of difficult breast-weaning times. But...none of those happened. It was a total turnover at the end of 3 months. At no point did you cry without a solid reason- this is true even now. You weaned yourself on your own without protest in a couple of months of starting the feeding bottle and the transition from the feeding bottle to a sippy-cup was also totally hassle free.

You were very active even as a 5 month baby, when you began to move on your belly frontwards and backwards, scaring me into pushing away any stray furniture into the farthest corners of the house. You could sit on your own only at 9 months while most of your peers did it at 6 months. But I was not worried because you were doing fine on the other aspects of growing up. Thanks to the babycentre weekly updates and articles I understood that there is a huge range even within the normal pattern of growth. You almost never crawled and moved adeptly on your belly till the 10 month after which you accelerated on the physical milestone by beginning to crawl and stand at the same time. You were walking comfortably on your first Birthday! And now, you are an able climber too- climbing your way onto the windows, tiny ledges and raising the bar for yourself each time.

You have grown into a very sweet and easy-going toddler. Well, by saying sweet I am not absolving you of your mischievous, naughty and exasperating ways, antics and tantrums! You are all of this, yet a very affectionate and gentle child who genuinely likes the company of other kids, also willing to share your toys with them. So easy and gentle that sometimes I get worried because you do not react when other kids shove you, hit you or snatch away their toys from your hand. My heart breaks each time you come crying or whine when these things happen. I want to tell you, "hit back!", "snatch the toy back!" but my own nature holds my tongue and mostly I implore you to put your hand up and say "No. No pushing/ hitting or please give back the toy" to the other kid. I want you to learn on your own to defend yourself and also assert your rights instead of smothering you. Of course I'll be there always if things go out of control.Seems like you have saved your aggressive behaviour only for me-your mother. When your demands are not met, you hit, bite and howl at me. Of course, I have nothing of all this and use the carrot and stick method to put you on your track.

I sometimes feel I am raising a nerd because you absolutely love going over and over the ABCs, 123s, rhymes and story-books. It is so much fun and pleasure to hear you recite the rhymes in your "mazhalai" (baby talk). You have begun to string two-three words to form a sentence, repeat all that we say (!!) and talk in rhetorical questions. This is certainly the best phase (and am of course not talking about the beginning of the tantrum phase!:-)) and am glad that I decided to be with you during your growing up years.

May all your dreams come true, R. Wishing you the best-est of the best in this universe. Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Awwww...thats such a cute post !!
    I'm sure your son would just love reading it later :)
    Happy birthday R!! Have a great life !!

  2. Shuchi: Thank you very much, Shuchi!

  3. wow... beautiful post... full of motherhood... third paragraph reminded me of some scenes from the movie Heyy Babyy(if you have seen it you would know.. :D :D)... lots of love to R... may god shower all the love and blessings on him... Happy B'day R!! :):)

  4. MAny many happy returns of the day to R! wishing him a great future ahead, lots of love and happiness! May he keep us and u entertained forever! :)

  5. Radhika: Thank you very much for the kind words and wishes Radhika!
    err..haven't seen the movie..but when there is a live movie going on in my house, there's no need for further enlightenment, right? ;-)

    Purnima: Thanks a ton Purnima!
    and yes, looks like there will be quite a many entertainment tales in the future.

  6. happy birthday darling R :)

    PS are you still in Mumbai?

  7. RM: Thanks a ton RM!
    yep, I'll be here for a month now..

  8. Seriously such an awwww post ! Happy birthday R and good luck to the mommy. and yeah, baby centre updates are a boon,no?

  9. BlogsIread: Thanks a ton! yes, babycentre rocks!
    btw, you first time here??
    err..I have seen you visit from this webpage..may I know your name?

  10. What a lovely 2 year summing up Uma :).. feeling very nostalgic myself after reading your memories !

    Belated Happy Birthday to R, to many more smiles and antics and fun times :)!

  11. Aparna: Thanks a ton Aparna!..:-D

  12. Heyyy
    Happy Birthday you guys, both u and baby ;-)
    And what a lovely post recollecting all those precious moments Uma...
    The first three months of your life with your kiddo sound exactly like ours. So there, there will be many more mommies feeling this way and reading us and feeling better about their own lives.
    I'm sorry I haven't been replying to ur comments. U'd asked about the CBeeBeeies shows that you can get ur baby to watch -- Teletubbies, Waybaloo, In The Night Garden, Boogie Beebeeies, Mister Maker, Fimbles, are all cute shows. I Can Cook is interesting too, but for a little older age group...3 onwards i guess. They keep running through the day, with many repeats.

  13. Hey, i thought i left a comment?

  14. Vidya:err..no..I didn't get any..

    FM: Thank you very much FM!!
    haha..yeah..the first three months of pregnancy and after delivery can be traumatic for many like us..:-)
    thanks for the info :-)

  15. Anon: Thanks for the compliment :-)
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    Hope, I've been of some use..
    thanks for visiting..and do leave a link to your blog when you create one..:-)

  16. Owwww....I'm sooo sorry R, please forgive this Nancy Aunty for her tardiness.....please accept my belated Birthday wishes, I hope I'm in time for the birthday party u were going to have once ur dad got back;-D

  17. Nancy aunty:hmm..apologies will be accepted if you promise to send me some of your awesome stuff that you bake..

  18. Ofcourse little one whenever u say the word*Nancy wipes brow in relief at having got off lightly*.

  19. Aaah! pbly i didn't hit submit! whatever!

    a lovely account of your journey with kutti R! its amazing how much we learn and grow-up along with our children, and how much thought we pay to every action which we would have never paid attention to earlier- before mommy-hood that is!

    @R: Belated Birthday wishes sweety boy! Dream big and let all your dreams come true!

  20. Vidya: Thanks Vidya!
    some of the kid's innate sense of observation does rub on you, esp when you want to chronicle his/her developments. Also, with the internet age, you want to keep track of small things which probably would have been a given in olden days..


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