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On my experience of working with a designer.

When I began my search for an interior designer who'd give wings to my thoughts, I reached out to people- strangers and friends alike- for reference. However, I was drawing a blank for some or the other reasons. It was pure serendipity that I chanced upon Neelu's site (CozyNest interiors)during a random Google search for designers residing in this area. I really liked what I saw. A little more research and I was thrilled to note only glowing comments from all her clients giving me the much needed push to write her an email.

I received a prompt reply and soon we scheduled our first meeting. Much like meeting a prospective groom I was apprehensive about what to expect. I was unsure about how I was to decide if she was "the one". I was besieged by worrisome thoughts of what if I didn't like her designs? What if she didn't understand my idea of a home? What if we couldn't find a middle ground? So on and so forth. 

I needn't have bothered at all. The moment I met Neelu, I was much taken with her professional yet friendly demeanor. She was extremely approachable and seemed to be in complete control. I felt an instant connect with her. She spent a great deal of time talking to us and taking extensive notes. I realized that she was very detail-oriented from the manner in which she handled each of our requirements.

She got me thinking on aspects I'd not considered earlier: Do I want lights inside the wardrobe? Will under-cabinets light work for a fuss-free person like me? Even as she took down detailed notes, and I ticked off my check-list, I was also eager to make her understand the kind of look I had in mind. As though on cue, she asked me to share pictures and images of homes that were close to how I wanted my house to look.  The moment she said that I felt reassured of an association where my opinions and suggestions would be welcomed and treated on equal footing.

I was never once proved wrong on this point. I'd constantly badger Neelu with my worries, concerns and also pile upon her my suggestions.  She'd patiently hear me out, and address all my concerns, big or small. She equally welcomed my suggestions and ideas with an open mind.  It surely meant a lot to me because I wanted to be as involved as possible in the entire process and give it my personal touch.It was never the case of 'my way or the highway' with her even though we differed in our decor outlook. She stepped out of her comfort zone and was open to experiment. 

Her work is her passion and it shows in how she treats her client's home as she'd her own and invests a lot of time and effort for even the 'little' or 'insignificant' aspects.  She, also being a perfectionist with an eye for the smallest detail, does not shy away from taking a problem by the horns and tweaking it until she gets it right. 

Working with a designer may or may not work for everyone. It can be challenging and tedious both for the home owner and the designer. For the home owner because he is faced with the challenge of placing complete trust on someone who intrinsically an outsider to him and the ways of his family. For the designer because it is not an easy task to know and understand a person in a few meetings and design an abode that matches the personality of its owner. 

After knowing and working with Neelu for the past few months, I can safely say that our association has been very pleasant and we managed to break past the typical boundaries to bond at a more informal level. I truly wish her all the success and fame that she truly deserves in her career.



  1. Glad you found a designer who met your needs. I will be on the same hunt too within few months. Uma, can you share her website link?

    1. I have added her website link, Latha..against her name in the first para..all the best..

  2. never mind Uma, I googled it and found :)

  3. I would say after hearing horror stories from lots of people who have designed their home, that you lucked out! I'm sending the reference to a couple of folks who've just bought a home and looking for designers :) Thanks for the post!

    1. Yes, I heard too about people having bad experiences. Do pass on the reference. I'm sure they won't regret the decision :-)

  4. waiting for the home tour noe.. ;-)

  5. I've heard finding the right designer is a huge challenge.. My cousins recently did their place up , and their designer didnt let them take too many creative decisions.. But Neelu sounds like a dream come true.. Excited to see how your home's turned out :)

    1. Yes. that she is..will do a home time :-)

  6. Very insightful post Uma .. Will keep this reference in mind

    1. definitely Aarthy..will be happy to help you out if you need :-)

  7. Looks like you were lucky to find the right person. Yes, I can imagine it cannot be easy for both the sides. But I think even more important in the process is knowing what you want and don't want.

    1. Exactly Vibha..the arrangement works only if the home owner knows what he/she wants.

  8. That's great Uma. I can foresee remarkable results!


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