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Do we need a Women's day?

p.s. I know, Women's day is long gone. This was lying in my drafts for some time now and I didn't want to delete it.

Why should you celebrate Women's day?
And if you must, why limit it to a single day?
Why the need for a particular day?

An occasion is cause for celebration
But a woman? She is a person
holding humane qualities like anyone
just being the reason of her creation

We were created all for a reason
God never preferred one over the other
Why then do some rather
 be a man and not woman?

We all have some of each other
Neither is complete without the other
Every woman has a man in her
A man in himself is complete neither

Neither is superior
neither is inferior
the world wouldn't be fair
if one out-weighed the other

Man and woman; yang and yin
have qualities of being
both: masculine and feminine
let us hence cherish every being

Not just on a special day
but every breathing day
so that a person does not
remain an occasion
to warrant an occasional celebration 


  1. hey, I was the first one to comment!! :D

    1. yes you are first...but...was there any competition???

  2. Soulful and very aptly described. :)

  3. So true Uma, I feel similarly about the Women's Day hoopla :), couldn't express it like you though ;) !

    1. it is a lot of hype! are being sweet, Apster..:-)

  4. Good one, Uma. I liked very much this bit: Every woman has a man in her
    A man in himself is complete neither. Well-said.

    1. Thank you, glad to have been able to strike a chord..:-)

  5. "Neither is superior
    neither is inferior
    the world wouldn't be fair
    if one out-weighed the other"
    Very nice and true..

  6. My first thought when I saw it was.....huh I thought it was Mothers Day and not Womans Day which was coming...I've been hinting away at home u see;-D. Then I saw the small print;-P

    I'm no poet but I thought it was written very well Uma especially...
    "We all have some of each other
    Neither is complete without the other
    Every woman has a man in her
    A man in himself is complete neither"

    IfI had a thumbs up emoticon I wd have put it here:-))

    1. Blogger should have emoticons and suchlike, don't you think??
      am so glad you liked it. Thanks for the lovely compliment! :-)

      psst, when's Mother's day? what are your girls planning??


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