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Our Journey!

Stars destined that we meet,
a lot was spoken, a lot left unsaid.
A joint decree we gave albeit,
you and I are a match indeed

We merged our paths in the know,
sealing our lives with a solemn vow
to be together in high and low
matching steps to learn and grow

Stumbling on many a block
taking our time to rise and walk
journeying along a little unsure
hopeful, but, of the future we were

Some journey this has been,
of building our cozy haven
surviving the dark and the lean,
seeking sunshine from within

As, we go down memory lane
and reminisce past times again,
there are no remnants of pain,
only a sweet fragrance we retain

Let us make a vow again
to overcome every stormy rain
with love, patience and restrain
in the hope that spring will reign


  1. So today is the D-day! Happy anniversary and wish you many many years together. That is such a sweet poem :) I'm amazed you take the effort, make the time to pen down these thoughts in such a lovely manner...I think its the best gift you could give your husband.

  2. are sweet to say that, Aparna!
    Thank you so much for the warm wishes..means a lot to me..:-)

  3. Happy Anniversary! This is perhaps the best remarkable gift you can give to you both. Lovely poem with profound thoughts of past and future. :)

    1. Thank you so much Rachit for the wishes and sweet words..:-)

  4. that was from the heart! Happy Anniversary dear! *do blog about your evening date*

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Very beautifully written and truly heart touching

    Pls check out

    Have something for your there!!

    1. Many many thanks for the wonderful words and wishes, Me!
      You gave me a lovely gift on this special day, thanks again! :-D

  6. wow that was melodious and beautiful!! did the hubby read? What says he? A wonderful anniversary to you Uman :-)

    1. Thanks a bunch, Aarathi for the lovely comment and warm wishes :-D
      Hubby did read and was touched and awed.;-)

  7. super I say !!! Happy anniversary again ! :D

    1. Thanksssssss a ton, Arvind! :-))

  8. Super Duper Happy Anniversary :)

    what a lovely day to get married :) and what a super way to express the love :)

    1. Hey RM, thank you so much for the lovely wishes :-)
      good day, na? we had two dates to choose from and of course I chose this date ;-)

  9. Hi Uma,
    Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a great day... n lovely poem.. :-)

  10. Such beautiful words strung together to talk about the journey so far. Wishing many many years of togetherness. Happy Anniversary :)

  11. This is so sweet!

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you very much, Mama Zen and welcome here! :-)

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! May God shower his choicest blessings on you!!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Gulmohar. Welcome to my space! :-)

  13. Happy Anniversary Uma :-) May God bless you to complete many more years together :))))))

  14. Lakshmi BalachandranMarch 10, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    HAppy Anniversary Uma!! Such a lovely poem! Beautiful thoughts!! May it keep flowing..... Here's wishing you and Chellappa many more joyful years. Keep writing!!:-)

    1. Hey Chitra, welcome here :-) and thanks so much for the wonderful words and wishes..:-)

  15. "Let us make a vow again
    to overcome every stormy rain
    with love, patience and restrain
    in the hope that spring will reign "

    Expressed beautifully.....please accept my belated wishes too:-))!!!!!

  16. Oops! I missed this post! :(

    Wishing you and the better half a very (belated) happy anniversary! :)

    That's a lovely poem. Especially loved the last stanza.


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