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You are to be blamed

Gurgaon government sent out a strong message by ordering all pubs and mall owners to not allow women employees to work beyond 8 p.m. I am impressed. what a solution!
 How I see it, the message is:

If you happen to be out on the roads beyond 8 p.m. and get assaulted, then of course it is your problem. Who asked you to think that your city or country is a safe place? That you are ruled by a democratic government- a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Oh! shame on you to think that something like that is for real. How naive!

Who the hell you think you are? how can you even think that the government will ensure the law and order of the state and in turn ensure your safety? Are you some one even important? Duh! You are just anybody on the road. Anything can happen to you. Government has more important things to do like pocketing scores of money from people like you and stashing them away elsewhere. Cha! and you thought they are there for you.
And how dare you flout the rules and come out in the open after dark? If jackals in the garb of men attack you then, who else but you are to be blamed. Poor jackals were only doing their job. How are they to be blamed? No. it's you and only you.

Serves you right for getting educated and working outside home. Serves you right for thinking and speaking for yourself. Hell! serves you right for even being born. How many more attacks and assaults you need before you realize your place?

In this case, will the government ensure safety, law and order until 8.p.m then? Maybe if we start carrying guns, we'll be safer. Anyway there is no law and order to protect women, we might as well take responsibility to be safe and gun down all the jackals in this country. Jhansi ki Rani, anyone?

Amazed at how people we call our representatives think and work. If we were to apply this solution to all the problems, imagine how powerful this country will be shortly. From small time thieves to smugglers, rapists and the mafia, everyone will be free to exist and multiply and soon, the average stupid people who have been working hard and honestly and harping on good values will be extinct. Maybe that's what the government wants ultimately because they are on the side of the thugs.


  1. I don't even know what to comment on your post, Uma, because I am so disgusted with the state of affairs. Believe me it is so depressing to open the paper every day and read such news...every single day...

    1. Me too but am also angry Aparna with the state of affairs!

  2. Well said Uma.. some of these thoughts must be running through every woman in the country today.

    1. how sad is the situation!
      The reaction is worse than the crime even. I read recently that the conviction rate of rapists in on a rapid decline since 1973..:-( With such governance and attitude of people, is that a wonder?

  3. sad but true, our so called democratic country is regressing! and they call it "women empowerment"? - BAH! IMHO, it was better when women were confined within 4 walls. at least they were openly considered "inferior and dumb", not like now where hypocrisy rules!

    1. Purnima, atrocities upon women, including rape, was not non-existent even then. Confinement does not prevent anything. At least in this age, some of us are able to think and do as we like. True, a LOT needs to be changed and these incidents may make us believe that nothing has changed. But we have to keep fighting our battles.

  4. Not allow women employees work after 8 in malls and pubs considering safety???? What about women visiting these places after 8???? Even pubs I wont bother as I never visited or also intend on visiting one... But malls????

    Oh no!!! when will they learn it doesn't work like this???

    Also, Gurgaon is made into a "Millenium city" only by malls and pubs... If there is such rule, what happens to the so called and hyped "Millenium city"????

    1. @Gulmohar :-(...i have no answer...

  5. C'mon! Our police are tired handling rape reports right? Which is the easiest way to slow down/reduce reporting? Think, think.. And its such a boring and thankless job to ensure, of all things, women's safety.. Now, our govt can tell the victimized, "see? we told ya.. don't blame us now..".. problem solving is that simple...

    1. Vidya, yes this way they'll always absolve themselves of any responsibility..
      btw, welcome back..and you are tagged!


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