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On being together

ETA : Looks like I have miscommunicated. There are still a few days to go for our anniversary. This is just a countdown to the D-day

As we near the completion of 5 years of togetherness, it seems a good idea to look back at how these years flew by. The fact that we feel that the years flew past is an indication of good times spent together. A pleasant companionship that has not been riddled with insecurity and bad vibes- things that usually make the marriage a burden to shoulder. The good has definitely out-weighed the not-so-good and hence has made the journey so far a fairly easy one.

Does that mean we do not hit on bumps? Of course not. Which happily married couple doesn't fight? Healthy fights are in fact necessary I would say to fine tune the relationship. The husband and I have our share of fights.Ugly ones too. But we do make it a point to talk to each other about what exactly in the significant other bothers us . Does that mean that the annoying reason is then automatically and magically  removed? Far from that. The irritating habits persist, the bone(s) of contention still remain. However the open channel between us to address them, the freedom to show displeasure without being misunderstood as a person, without the fear of losing goodwill built so far has determined the beauty of this relationship.

I know for sure that once the dust of the bickering settles down, we will be back to our usual friendly selves; the easy camaraderie will be back. Having said that, it took us a while get to this state of equilibrium; the journey gradual. The initial period was a time of treading with caution, of testing waters, of discovering the others' inner qualities, weaknesses, pet peeves and a period of dealing with all of them.Once the trust, the love and the respect were sealed, facing the unpleasant sides to one another became easier. Moments of anger, frustration, hurt and remorse were easier to tide by.

We would often listen to this song and hope this is how we remain:


  1. Congratulations! A half-decade is a milestone indeed.
    Where's the cake? :)
    I love that song. Thanks to you, am rediscoevring some old Tamil favs.

  2. There are not too many who can do this :) Happiness, congrats and good wishes to both of you!

  3. Awwww! Happy Anniversary :)

    I know for sure that once the dust of the bickering settles down, we will be back to our usual friendly selves; the easy camaraderie will be back. - loved loved loved this

  4. @ Aparna, Archana and RM, thanks a bunch for the warm and lovely wishes! :-) But the anniversary is still a few days away. I have edited the post accordingly..:-)

    Archana, welcome here! :-)

    1. Yeah realized you are still counting down. That's no reason NOT to have the cake, surely? :)

    2. oh yes..a reason to have a cake is reason enough. So surely there will be a cake..:-))))

  5. Hey Happy Anniversary!!! In days and times when we hear of broken relations and marriages gone sour, this is certainly an achievement! Congrats on the biiig 5! and wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your equally wonderful partner (and not to mention R too!)

    1. Thanks, Purnima! Our anniversary is still some days away..

  6. Hi Uma,
    Heartiest congratulations for nearly completing 5 years of marriage... wishing you both lifelong happiness and togetherness.. :)

  7. Best wishes Uma :) !! Such a lovely description of married life and settling into togetherness, really brings out the journey you have been through :). To many more such years !!

    1. Thanks Aparna for the warm wishes..:-))))

  8. Wow!!! 5 years of togetherness!!! Congratz dear :-) Your post says it all :)


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