The year of 2012

Another year gone by and couple-a-days gone by (already?) in the new year 2012. During school days, the realization of the new year would only strike in when we had to write the date in our books. Every beginning of a new year brings in a lot of hope and excitement, much like that of entering the closed door to a much-awaited opportunity. Resolutions conjure up an amusing memory of school years, where my dismal report card, each year for quite sometime, would have me hastily and solemnly pledge that "I'll study better next year and not just on the eve of the exam". However, history would repeat itself without regard for the previous year's promises.
Hence, I stay away from making resolutions :-).

This year, however, I have a few to-do things which I hope to cross out successfully:

Enrolling R in a playschool - I have been wanting to do this for the past 6 months and I cannot give you one convincing reason as to why it is not yet done. Yes, we were waiting for yours truly to learn driving but a whole lot of time has passed by even after that hurdle was cleared. Of course, I should blame it all on the travelling that took us out of town for the last couple of months. Going by the speed in which this bullet point is being taken care of, I won't be surprised if we end up enrolling R directly for nursery.

I need to get back to doing something productive- This is all of the SAHM burden I can take. I am getting fidgety and anxious to do something, even if it does not translate into earning high moolahs. Mostly, because of the inertia, nothing is being done. My already low threshold is vanishing into thin air and many a times R has to bear the brunt of it. It is totally despicable of me, I know. So, I need to take stock.

Potty-train R: gosh! this is giving me more grief than I'd ever imagined. I know, it will happen when the kids are ready. But then are we as parents expected to just bide the time till the magic moment or keep trying till we arrive at the magic moment? The problem or the key with R, I've noticed is that, he can go only the Indian way. We do not have Indian style toilets. At my parents, we did, but R was way too stubborn most times and would insist on going in a make-shift toilet that he'd construct with chairs, etc!!! He still cannot remain dry for even an hour, so it makes it hard to keep him off diapers. So, maybe I should back off and wait until we are both a little more ready??
I have read all about the signs and the techniques involved in the process but I tell ya, it's just too much trouble and work! How the hell did our previous generation raise so many kids one after the other! :-0

And, here's more of a wish-list than a to-do:

Devote some "me" time for myself-  I want to get back to doing yoga regularly. I want to read more. I want to maybe volunteer in my apartment to organize cultural events and also take part in them. I would like to re-start learning music. The key to all these is time, time and more time. Of course, above all the will to somehow get to do them all. But, yes, most of these would require R to be a little more independent or have alternate arrangements made to have him taken care of. This bullet point will perhaps be a on-going and evolving process, and, not on an immediate strike-off list.

Travel more around India and abroad, if possible- I know, I've cribbed so much about travelling with R and here I want to travel more. But, really, I want to plan properly and have a proper holiday that is also sensitive to toddler needs. And, since I won't be alone in handling R, I hope and expect the situation to be better.

Aah..I thought, I'll sound all important and sorted out by making a biiiig list. And here 'am, unable to even come to a five-point list. See, that's how ambitious I am. Ah well! these are mammoth tasks in themselves and I'll be happy if I can strike off at least two. Will add more to the list, as and when fancy strikes me.

Hoping that this year will turn out better for us as a country and for each of us personally too!


  1. Hi Uma, It's not the length of the list but the 'bigness' of the tasks that matter! Good luck with your resolutions and I hope you manage to chip away at them (or knock them off their perch entirely!) this year :) I totally understand points 1 and 2. You need some me-time and it'll be good for R too.
    Potty - training - aah. My nemesis. Btw have you tried making R squat on the western toilet-seat, just like he does on an indian toilet? Just to make him more comfy until he can pee sitting down? For Ads, I just used to send him into the loo everytime his dad went in and he started 'copying' him!!!! Poor sanjay :)

  2. Also, Uma, send me a fb message whenever you want on the kind of work opps you are looking for. I did a lot of research on flex-work options during the last few months. I might be able to give you some pointers.

  3. What a list....

    Do the playschool only when you are comfortable about it

    I can relate to doing something productive bit...seriously it becomes like an obsession in sometime :(

    Potty training - arey hoyega rey..dont get so worked up about will be done...all kids take their own time..some are faster, some are slower..dont get too upset about that!

    Devoting 'me' time - very important..get a music teacher will ya?

    Travel - well I dont have too much to say on that...I still dont have the guts to travel with R...somehow, I get scared :(

    Hugs and wishes for the new year :)

  4. Hope you stick to your new year resolutions.. ;) :P n have you learnt music?? what kind of music?? Even i am a musician... that's why i m quite eager to know!! :)

  5. Aparna: Thanks for understanding..feels good :-)
    I've tried making him squat on the western, but he seems scared and I didn't want to push too much..and err..need to talk to hubby about the "copying" funda ;-)

    and, how nice of you to offer help! will surely ping you when am ready..many thanks :-D :-D

    RM: Hey thanks re..feels good to get reassurances from other mommies around..:-)
    *hugs back and sends warm wishes*

    Radhika: ya, I hope too :-P
    yep, learnt carnatic and hindustani vocal..and ya, we did talk about this earlier too I guess. You play the violin, right??

  6. yes.. right... so you are a vocalist! Great!!

  7. That is quite a list!! You are right, these tasks are actually milestones in themselves :). Here's wishing R a Happy Birthday!! I went through all these phases justrecently. Trust me, they'll be done in due time. Just take R to the loo every hour or so, and he'll soon realize that it feels good to be dry!!

  8. Thats quite an ambitious list;-D...esp since R is just 2yrs old. But u knw wht, only if u have a plan in mind now will u see it all fall into place in sometime...maybe not in the timeframe u envisioned[but then I guess u knw it too;-)]. Good luck girl!!!!

    p.s: the 'me' time is most important....make time & space for it above all else;-D

  9. Radhika: see, I remember..;-)

    Fab: hey thanks for visiting my space!
    aah..i'll be one happy person when he realizes that it is good to be clean.
    Thanks so much for the wishes..and for the assurances..:-)

    Nancy: you think so??..well..:-)
    you're right about the time frame..thanks so much for the wishes :-)

  10. All important items on the agenda:) Good luck:)

    Potty training- with Vyas, it was a breeze.. He started using one when he was exactly 12 months and 1 week old! Varun.. shabaaa... I'd rather not talk abt it..

  11. @Vidya

    12 months and a week old!!!!
    gosh! vidya, pls tell me wht u did??
    *falls at feet*
    err..varun sounds like R...sigh! wish kids came with some kind of training manual..


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