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R speaks

Long time since I updated on R front. He is talking nineteen to the dozen now- stringing in words he knows to combine sentences that make sense and some nonsense thrown in liberally.

(P.S: Apologies to the non-speaking tamil readers. It is difficult to translate every phrase, so kept it as it is. But, hoping the gist won't be lost.)

He hates me sitting in front of the computer and immediately chants, "amma, keeya engu, book paikalaam" or "amma, va, inge okachi, bed maela okachi" or "amma, come, cheekam va..okachee"
"inda book paikalaam, anda book paikalaam". The chant gets louder and furious in tone if I don't comply soon enough.

He'd arrange all his cars in a row or semi-circle and call out to me to show, "amma paaru, wow chollu"!!

All of a sudden he'd barge into the kitchen and ask,"nee enna panrai??". No matter how I answer, he'll repeat for a few times till the time he tires out or I stop answering (mostly the latter ) :-)

"daesh epi ikku? nannaka? kannani paakalama?" - when he is dressed to go out.

He has preferences for the cell too. He would sometimes want only his appa's phone or sometimes only
my phone: "anda phone ta, appa/amma phone ta". And talks away to glory over the phone while walking about from one end of the room to the other:
"umm..umm..ok, papom, epi irukai? naa fine..ok, bye, chee u eving, cheeu tomorrow (see you in the evening), aapich paetuvaraen" (so no specific order)

And, of course, his favourite word now is "maatain" ( which means "NO"). He may or may not understand the question but the answer is "maatain". Sometimes, even before the question is asked. I say "R..." and he says, "maatain" much like the anticipatory bill.

He knows his cousin S goes to Tree House. So whenever her name is mentioned by way of some conversation, he goes like this:
"S...twee housh,...four housh, fie housh, chix housh..and so on..till ten housh"

But this takes the cake. The other day, I told R, "I love you" and he replied,

"I davu too"!! I was so happy to hear that. Then he continued,

"I davu twee..I davu four...."


  1. Awwww! I so loved this...this happened to me today morning...the love you thing...I need to put it up on the blog :)

    He speaks pretty great Tamizh rey...remind me to learn some from him when we meet :)

    LOL on wow chollu

    1. hey..thanks..:-) oh you must put it on the blog..
      err..u think so? u r sweet..:-)
      lol..i was so taken aback and of surprised in a pleasant way!

  2. Wow.. The innocence of these children! :) :) Loved reading about R, Uma. Keep them coming.

  3. Really SnS, it is the innocence that makes them sweet..
    Thanks a ton! glad u liked reading :-)

  4. He speaks good tamil! Nice. I liked the okkachi cute!!

  5. The "maatain" part was quite funny.. :D :D
    n "I davu too".. so cute!! :) :) very sweet post..

    1. Hey Radhika, when he says no for everything, it's not funny at that time..:-)
      thanks so much..:-D

    2. I have laughed through out your post Uma.How adorable these kids are. My daughter talks to me similar things. But in kannada.

    3. lol..:-) it's really sweet na..btw, where did you disappear? you seem to be missing in action at your space too??

  6. The "maatain"part was quite funny.. :D :D
    n "I davu too".. so cute!! :) :)
    a very sweet post.. :)

  7. Awwww! This is so cute! :)
    Kids and their mazhalais. Adorable! :)

    1. hey GND, welcome here! :-D
      yes, this is the adorable part of toddler years..:-)
      thanks for visiting my space, hope to see you around..

  8. "Wow chollu" - Awwww toooo cute !!

    The I davu moments are priceless aren't they? Mine is at - am so glad I wrote it down :).

    1. very true, Aparna..
      and read your post..loved it! total aww moments..:-)

  9. Awww this is SO amazing. I love the I daavu too!! Man I cant wait for my little on to get to this phase. :-)

    1. :-D :-D..yes, the mazhalai phase is the best..
      I'd like to think it kind of balances the terrible two horrors, although not entirely...;-)

  10. Hi Uma- You've been tagged :) Have a look at my latest post. Hope you can take it up!

    1. Heyy..thanks!!!..:-D
      hopping over..and ya, will do it..:-)

  11. how adorable! his mazhalai is so nice... i felt like i was reading varunspeak.. so many similarities- daesh, eppi ikku, okachi... 'davu-ed' this post! varun would say, labbed though:)

    1. hey thanks, vidya..even I get a sense of deja-vu when I read about varunspeak..versions of "love u" are the cutest..:-)


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