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2011 in hindsight

Now, this is called being a tube-light. When everyone on the blogosphere was bidding adieu to 2011 in their own unique and interesting ways, I was having a serious writing block and couldn't think of how I should sum up the year, so I decided to skip the whole thing. Cha! who wants to be a part of the "I also ran" kinds. Sour grapes, I know. But, 4 days into the fresh year, and bling bling, the past flashes before my eyes. So, I thought I shall do a short re-cap before amnesia strikes again.

I started this blog in December last year. I started off jittery and sporadically. Somewhere around February, I began reading more and more blogs and before I knew it, I developed blogodiction (an addiction to blogging, if you're wondering). I discovered so many wonderful writers who also happen to don so many roles in their lives effortlessly- wife, mother, colleague, boss, daughter, and, so on. It is amazing to be a part of like-minded people's lives and share your worries, anxiety, joys and sorrows. No one's judging and you can be yourself without the fear of being judged. Writing started proving to be a catharsis of sorts for me. Glad to have discovered this medium of expression.

We finalized on our first, new, own house around March. It is a huge decision for us and after a lot of considerations, we settled on this one. It fitted our budget (well, almost...) and expectations (again, mostly..). We didn't want to move out of our current area and didn't want to over-stretch our budget. So, this seemed apt in the current scenario. The builder is not one of the famous ones (those are building houses for dacoits and NRIs, I think) but word of mouth says he is decent. We should get the possession by mid 2013, at the latest. Hoping that this will turn out close to what we have in our minds. 

Had a great time bonding with friends. Lunches and dinners thrown at one another's place every other weekend, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, kids' birthdays, festivals, we surely did have a lot of fun. There is a new addition to one's family now, work may take another off to a far-away location, so this year, may not be such fun after all, so all the more, want to cherish these memories.

And of course, the fag end of the year brought the whole family together for the much-awaited cousin's wedding at Bhubaneshwar. Hubby's sudden developments at work that needed him to go to the US in that very month and all of the story at Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar is all there for you to read, if you wish, in the December 2011 folder..:-)

R kept me occupied and entertained throughout the year. He is growing every month by leaps and bounds and again, am glad, I have been able to capture most of the precious moments in this blog. I'll definitely love re-reading them in the coming years and refresh my memory.


  1. Happy New year, Uma. The house-buying rigmarole is pretty nerve racking , i agree. Good luck with everything !

  2. Thanks a ton Bhargavi!!!
    and wishing you the same..:-)

  3. Awesome year eh? Wishing you tons of luck and fun in the new year :)

  4. Great you had a wonderful year:)
    Like u said, even i have been planning to write something on the year gone by..but words just dont come i've given up already!!

    btw, ive got a giveaway going on my blog ( Would love if you have a look at it :)

    Have a great 2012!

  5. RM: Thanks RM!!! Wish you and your family the same!

    Shuchi:'s not too late to reflect..go on..write about it..
    have already commented on your blog..
    wish u too a lovely 2012!

  6. that sounds like a wonderful 2011! A warm and terrific 2012 to you :-) Happy blogging too.

  7. It was so nice to read about ur year, congrats on the new house....we all know how much brain-storming happens before the actual buying:-)

  8. @tube-light....cdnt help grinning coz I think u have close competition in me;-D

  9. Aarathi: Thank you!!! :-D
    wishing you the same..:-)

    Nancy: Thanks Nancy..:-)
    err..don't mind the competition as long as I have such good company..:-)

  10. Oye, happy new year! You have begun the year with a great news about your new house! Congrats!

  11. @Vidya

    Thanks a ton, Vidya!!!
    Wish you and the family too a very happy new year!

  12. I've been completely stuck with no clue what to write - not a good development for 2012 :(..
    I so liked your round-up Uma, and let me be lazy and add my comment to your other post too here - love that list of things to do... :). All the best for everything !!

  13. @Aparna

    Thanks so much, Aparna! have been missing your'll get the flow once you start..
    wishing you the best for everything!!


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