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It's a century!

I have hit a century! Yes, this is my 100th post. Like the batsman who is eager to get to this figure as soon as he begins his nineties, so was I while arriving at this magic number. But like the batsman, I too was reeling under the " 90s syndrome" and every post was taking its own sweet time.

So, what's the deal now that I HAVE arrived here? Nothing folks, just a happy smile on my face and a wish that my passion carries a little further, my writing gets more inspired, my interest continues unabated and of course, that I win more readers. A hope to reach out to more and encourage my silent readers to share their thoughts with me.

As I pondered over what my topic for the milestone post should be, I found myself wanting to go back to some my previous posts and capture the journey so far. I thought, why not share this journey with all of you? For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, I ask you to accompany me in my journey to revisit the past and for those of you who joined me much later, I invite you to join me and add more colour to my space.

Thought-provoking ones

The choice to be:  A post that is close to my heart and written in the initial days of starting this blog.

The Art Of Living:  Some reflection on our lives based on some observations of the life of a toddler

Housework for man: this post got picked up by Blogadda

Some advice for young girls: my two-cents on some to-do things before and after marriage

Pay cut: A good maid is hard to come by. Are we then ready to go a extra mile to keep a good one?

I am tempted to post more, but I'll leave it you to decide whether you want to dig more :-)

Just for laughs

Wife-y and motherly blues: This was written was R was quite young. The scenario is still fresh in my mind and makes me smile (now).

Cooking it up: A post of my cooking abilities or the lack of it.

Lighted out!: Where I messed up big time and cut a sorry figure If you believe in the law of karma, this is for you.

As you like it: I'm sure most mothers of toddlers would relate to this.

Poetry: not sure if what is here can be termed as poetry but I still like to showcase it (incorrigible, I know)


Thoughts from the heart


(You can click on the tab on the main page too, if you think you can handle more of this.:-))

Before, I start linking my entire blog here, I better take your leave :-) Have a great week ahead..


  1. Congrats rey! 100 is a big milestone...I must admit here that I havent all your posts.. but now am going to read the ones you linked :) to many more years of writing and many more milestons :)

    1. Hey RM, thank you so much! oh..go on do read the older ones, I'll only be too glad..:-)

  2. Congrats on the century.. Wishing you many many more centuries.

  3. Congratulations :) It's a sense of satisfaction after we reach a milestone...

    ~ Chintan

    1. Thank you Chintan! yeah..feels good to reach a milestone but even better to reach a stage where milestones do not bother you much..:-)

  4. Hey.. congrats Uma!! May you make more centuries!! :) I guess i have missed out a lot of posts of yours.. would definitely read them soon.. :) Congrats again.. n keep writing!

    1. Thanks a lot!!!!
      Do read them, Radhika. I am glad to have regular readers like you who don't fail to give encouraging comments. Thanks again!

  5. Wow Uma Congrats!!!!
    A 100 posts completed feeling is really special....wayyyy to go!!!!

    p.s: I'm so glad I'm able to comment now....looks like whtever the glitch was it sorted out itself coz till arnd 5 days back the page blanked out when I hit comment.

    p.p.s: this new one to one reply option is realllly cool huh;-D

    1. Thanks a ton Nancy!
      feels great to see your comment again on my post..was missing you here..
      am glad too that the hitch got sorted.
      p.p.s. yep a cool option that blogger finally gave us loyal people..:-)

  6. Congratulations Uma on hitting the centuary mark :)
    Am off to reading the posts you've linked ....have a fantastic time and keep writing!!

    1. thank you so much ME!!!
      and thanks for taking out the time to read the linked posts..:-)

  7. Congrats Uma!! I have enjoyed reading every one of your posts ever since I started following. Most of the links you posted are familiar to me, am waiting to check out if I've missed any by chance :).

    To more and more posts !

    1. hey Aparna, am so happy to know that! thanks for being there, it means a lot! :-D

  8. Hey congrats. I cant believe you've written 100 posts and Ive read all of them!!!..:)
    Congrats...blogger. Keep blogging..kkm!

    1. yayayay!!! thanks thanks! keep reading too..:-)

  9. Hi Uma, Congratulations!! It feels good, no? :)) I think I've read most of the posts u've linked to, but don't mind reading them all again :) Will do so later and maybe comment on the ones I haven't read earlier :)
    Here's to more many more years of blogging!

    1. Thanks a ton Aparna! It really feels good..:-)
      so sweet of you to say that..
      thanks for being there..:-)

  10. Hey, congrats on the milestone! Haven't got around to reading all the linked posts.. Will do it over the weekend! And keep writing!

    1. hey Vidya, thank you so much! :-)
      do read and let me know if you liked them..:-)

  11. Congrats Uma on reaching the milestone. I am a regular reader of your posts, though I don't post any comments :)

    1. hey Kavitha, thanks a lot!
      Glad to know you follow my posts. Do you blog?

    2. I haven't started blogging yet, though I have been thinking about it for a while (a couple of years :)!!). Will let you know when I start one.

  12. Waoh! What perfect occasion to drop by at your place. CONGRATS ;) It really is a milestone.

    Will drop by again and read the posts that you have linked here :)

    1. Hey Sulo! so nice of you to stop by..and thankssssssss...:-)
      do read the posts, you'll make me happy..:-D

  13. Congrats on ur 100th post!!!! have some prob displaying blogs... so late comments from me!! :)

    as usual waiting for more interesting stuff from u!!! :)


    1. hey Purnima, thanks a lot!!!!
      oh, blogger giving trouble??
      err..have written 2 more posts after this one, so go figure if they are interesting enough..;-) :-D
      take care. love to the lil' one


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