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And thus...

I am back! I mean to Bangalore. I was away for so long that I was beginning to forget that I used to run a house all by myself. I was getting so used to having hot food in my hands that I remarked to my sister, only half in jest, that I wouldn't be surprised to discover that I have forgotten how to cook when I get back.

After spending close to two months in quick succession at the parents, I was having a tempo load of luggage to be taken back. Actually, not that many in number. My modest belongings comprised one particularly huge and hheeavvvvvvy suitcase and a few more smaller and comparatively lighter bags. My mom was especially worried of how I'll manage to load and off load them with a fidgety and restless toddler by the side. After a last minute panic-struck idea of taking an extra suitcase to even out the over-stuffed large suitcase was considered and voted out in cycles in a 5 member household, we said solemn goodbyes to each other and I left with R and the luggage in the cab (not tempo!). Dad came to see us off till the airport. We left well in advance considering the evening hr traffic, however we reached in record time of one hour. I don't remember any time when I covered this distance so fast in Mumbai that too in the evening. Seems like most of the roadies were out of town celebrating Christmas.

I checked in the baggage without trouble and for the first time since I booked tickets I didn't crib about the airlines charging a full ticket for a 2 year old. I just stopped short of the max. baggage limit for 2 passengers. I would have anyway paid a ticket's worth fine for excess baggage if not for a ticket for R and that would have killed me more. This way I was not guilty. The hour and a half long wait at the airport and the flight was uneventful (thankfully). I had imagined myself running after R and generally having a tough time but it was not so bad. Maybe because I was mentally prepared or maybe R was infact quite well-behaved during the journey. Really, I should give it to the brat. He was quite within his limits and not in his "going-berserk" state.

I placed two calls, one to the hubby and other to the cab guy to confirm their presence at the airport. The cabbie was already at the airport for his pick-up routine and was to be there until the time I arrived. It meant that I just had to call and he would be there when I landed at the airport. Hubby was also on his way. Which meant I just had to relax for the rest of the journey. I collected my baggage and wheeled towards the exit and turned to where hubby was waiting. And surprise of surprise, hubby welcomed me with a bouquet of flowers- for the first time so far in our married life. I have always maintained that while 'am quite filmy that way, hubby cannot care less for such gestures.'s for nothing that they say, distance can make heart grow fonder. R was in a sleepy mode but as soon as he saw his dad, his eyes all lit up. His expression was like, "oh! where did this familiar guy come from all of a sudden after so many days", though I was constantly giving him updates about what is happening and what to expect. The comic part comes now. The cabbie came running up to us from the other direction and as he caught up, he said," arrey aap sahab ke taraf ja rahe the? main aapko kabse haath dikha raha tha!". In my mind I compared the situation to a scene where the heroine sidelines the villain and runs towards the hero in a dramatic sequence and found it so hilarious.

Seems like the Santa arrived belatedly to deliver the goodies bag to our house. The Santa, being hubby here of course. R got a bunch of clothes, books and toys. I got a pretty watch and a delicate pair of silver earrings and chain studded with artificial diamonds. And yes, lots of chocolates and stuff for others too...
A good note to end this year. Wishing you all a fulfilling and healthy 2012!

p.s. : I successfully completed a year of blogging a few days ago and happy to note that am still here!


  1. Awww! isnt hubby a sweetheart...loads of gifts eh?

    Glad R behaved..for me every plane journey is an adventure!!!

  2. RM: yeah, he is..though such gestures are soo not his forte..
    it has been so far for me too..

  3. Aww thats amazing. And the description of coming back home after two months at your parents? Thats like a leaf from my life too!! After Anika was born we stayed at my mums for almost four months and god the amount of stuff we brought back home!! Congratulations on one year of blogging! And a wonderful new year to you and your family! :-)

  4. Aarathi: Thanks Aarathi! Really, the suitcases just multiply on the return journey, no matter where and for how long you are gone, right?
    Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same.

  5. Hi Uma,
    Congrats for completing an year of blogging!! Keep writing always... :) :) n as usual.. nice post.. :)

  6. Radhika: hey Radhika, thank you sooo much :-) :-) kind people like you keep me going...:-D

  7. Welcoming with a bunch of flowers? You should be very lucky... Not many people do that inspite of knowing how much women like it. Maybe they don't do it because of it? Don't know :P

  8. ES: lol..yeah am lucky even if this was the first time I recd flowers from hubby..:-D
    thanks a bunch for dropping by and commenting..:-)

  9. Travelling with a toddler can be really tricky. I am glad you managed it all well.
    Happy 2012 and congratulations on completing a year of blogging :)

  10. My Era: hey, good to see you!
    Thanks and wish you too a marvelous 2012!

  11. Uma, you might want to share some gifts;) I will help:) Good to hear you had a smooth travel:)

  12. Happy Blogging Birthday uuummaaaaaaa !!

    Keep em coming !!

    Your Fan and bhai :)


  13. Vidya: LOl..sure sure, would be happy to share..u coming down to B'lore anytime soon??

  14. Arv: vielen Dank mere bhai aur pankha..;-)

  15. the luggage thing sure is the major point of discussion - nicely captured that

    a year of blogging and some more to go - always a nice feeling

    1. thanks, Sujatha! ya, given my tendency to over pack my eyes are always on the weighing scale at the check-in counter:-)
      blogging milestones are quite special, no?

  16. Isn't it wonderful to be back with hubby again after a break? I just came back from my vacation and can relate how it is.:)And the suitcase part, hehehe...I can totally understand how it is..I think all of us women do that..good one.

    1. Truly!!! :-)))
      hope you had a good vacation. The suitcase part, sigh! Hubby warns me with dire consequence each time I pack my bags for a vacation :-)))
      Thanks for reading my older posts, Folsom. Means a lot! :-)))


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