The will to achieve

Is it possible to work without any expectations? Is it possible to dream a life that is entirely an antithesis of your present existence and yet be grounded enough to work towards the goal, however far-fetched, it may seem?
A dream, we may have. But not many of us have the faith in it or the perseverance to attain it. Self-doubts about our ability surface when met with the smallest of hurdles. Giving it all up to settle for something mediocre or "more achievable" seems like a practical and sane option rather than fighting with yourself, your destiny and the society.

The burning desire to achieve is probably more present in those that have "apparently" nothing to lose. No false ego that will see a fall in the event of a failure; in underdogs that are free from the expectations of society. Probably, this is why people from small towns do so well in the KBC contest. They are much more well-read and more importantly grounded than their many city-bred counterparts who although have access to better means of livelihood, fall short in the area of humanitarian qualities like humility and sensitivity towards fellow-beings.

A perfect example of the above is Mr.Sushil Kumar of Bihar, who turned from a meagre-earning computer operator to the first contestant of the season to win the 5-crore prize money.
What a moment it was! Not only for him but even for the rest of us who watched it. I could feel the tension, joy and ecstasy and yet could not place myself in his or his family's shoes entirely. Oh! what a moment it must have been for them. Truly happy and elated for them.

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  1. I think, people in small towns really have the will and passion to achieve success. It might be because they believe they have nothing to lose but a lot to win. Hats off to Mr Sushil Kumar.

  2. That desire to succeed, is what really makes the difference in people, I think. Some are laid back while other have that drive that differentiates them..

    It is wonderful to see people like this succeeding!

  3. Smitha: Yes, the fire burns more in some than others.

    Welcome here and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you around..:-)

  4. Probably more of such kind should win prize money.
    No TV here yet. So, access to any shows for me!
    Uma, I have been remembering you a lot lately. Now, that I am a Stay At Home Mom. God! NO TIME AT ALL!

  5. Sahana: Welcome to the SAHM I truly subscribe to the feeling of being drained out all the time and having NO TIME at all!!!
    It will get better, though...slightly at least..:-)
    Since it is a new place too, it is probably more overwhelming, so just wait for a while and things will seem write whenever you will give the much necessary channel to be yourself..:-)

  6. Grr..I see KBC only on and off so I missed this...would love to catch it on youtube or something....what a feeling, eh? :)

  7. Aparna: yeah, see if can catch it on youtube. It definitely was an electrifying moment, even better than the world cup final moments :-)


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