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Boozho toh jaano

Ok, here is a riddle. No, no, don't search for your reading glasses and the browser is also not playing any truant. These are some gems from R speak vocabulary. See, if you can decipher them.

faain down faain down

buii du ainchi ainchi
buii du ainchi ainchi

ainchi bendabo bendabo
ainchi bendabo myfaedady

daki daki gaati
daki daki gaati
kaati goda
dumpeche maya
goda goda goda

gambatti moyya
mangamuti moyaa

dain dain goway
come agen andade
ittle ichab wanchupay

Do you want the answers?

Some favourite phrases:

Appa yenge..kaanume...adho..
tukiko (used only at times)
vendama..poruma..bashh (when asked to eat something he doesn't want/like)
tata ponam..kai picchu (used at all times!)
aebeecheedee paatu (his fav on the comp along with the rhymes. He is just crazy about the abcd, rhymes and stuff. But I dissuade him from watching too much of it. I think it will be an overdose at this stage and he'll get bored of school then!)
and of course- maatain (the famous NO)


  1. What's the language other than english??? Kannada??? I couldn't decipher anything.. :D Kids have the freedom to speak anything and everything in their mind... and their thoughts are filled with innocence... innocence that we as adults have almost lost...

  2. The phrases are in Tamizh, our mother tongue..:-)
    The paras above the phrases are nursery rhymes, hope you found that out..:-)
    Innocence is what makes them kids. These days innocence is lost much much before actual adulthood sets in.

  3. You catch R's words so well :)

  4. adorable !Though every stage of childhood is priceless.. this stage is simply awesome. London bridge, Lakdi ki kaati, Rain rain go away.Correct?

  5. Tan: Thanks so much Tan! :-)

    Bhargavi: Correct!!! :-)
    yes, this stage is the best but it also marks the beginning of the phase of tantrums..:-)
    Thanks for visiting my space. Hope to see you around..:-)

  6. Cute!! Btw i knew what they were tho it took me some time :) How is he learning the rhymes - do you teach him or thro CDs? Check out Tulika's latest book on Indian rhymes - very nice and it comes with an audio CD I think.

  7. Aparna: He has a few books on rhymes and then there is youtube for the rest. Would love to get hold of Tulika's but sometimes I feel if he learns all this now itself, he might face a burn out when he attends school..I know I am paranoid. Actually he is really interested but I want him to do more non-educational stuff for the moment.

  8. Hey Uma, don't worry, I'm sure he won't burnout :) I personally don't feel it is ever too early to introduce them to books and reading. Thankfully now Indian publishing houses are also coming out with so many titles.

  9. Figured out London Bridge mainly because of myfaedady ;) .. And Rain Rain go away but not the one in the middle at first as I was not expecting hindi also :)..

    Soo cute Uma, one more of your baby talk capturing posts that is going to be great to go back to once he starts talking clearly and nineteen to the dozen :) !

  10. Aparna: I am fine with story books but R is sometimes obsessed with going over and over with the ABC songs and rhymes on youtube which I feel is a little too much. Not to brag, but he knows quite a lot of the rhymes and can recognize most Alphabets. I should be proud but I feel he shouldn't lose interest when it actually matters..

    Aparna: hahaha..the hindi song is courtesy my niece..:-0
    He is already talking non-stop with whatever vocab he has, so just bracing myself for the times ahead..:-)

  11. London bridge is falling down is a poor cousin to R's version:)) his mazhalai is cute!! love this phase!

  12. Whichever language you write in Uma, I am going to read it.Buhahaha!
    You reminded me to write posts on my daughter. I am collecting some snaps of hers.

    Hugs to R. I loved that 'Appa yenge Kanume.. Adho' My hubby plays with Bunni using same phrase!

  13. Sahana: so sweet of you to say that Sahana..muah! you made my day..:-)
    You must write more on Bunni..masterpieces by kids ought to be penned down and treasured..:-)

  14. Mazhalai is the bestest language in the world. Now that the same phase is going on at my place too, I can really relate to it very well!

    Give a big hug from me to R! :D

  15. SS: I second that! :-)
    A big hug from R to you too! ...:-)))
    btw, how old are K & K??


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