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Thoughts from the heart

You came into my life like a whiff of fresh air
took me under your wings and said,
come, lets travel this life together

You and me are very different,
you are the epitome of calm, ever composed
I am the spice, ever potent
while I like things planned,
you are a person of the moment

Disagree we do, and a lot
but even amidst emotions gamut,
you've guarded the wedding pact
of keeping love, respect and faith intact

Truly, my love, I am blessed
to have you by my side
I hope to have played my role,
in all justice, warmth and care

I wish you all the best in life;
all that the universe can grant and give,
of health and wealth, friends and cheer,
of never dying trust and lots of love,
between you and ones dear

On this special day,
you may be miles away,
hence, sending you my wishes
and a note of thanks, dear hubby
wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

P.s.: The husband tried his best to leave on the night of 26th, so that we could be together for his as well as the lil'one's 2nd B'day which is tomorrow but then somethings are beyond one's control, so here I am ..

P.p.s: I would not have said as much to his face, and he reads my blog regularly, hence this is better..:-)


  1. Happy Birthday Uma's hubby...and happy birthday in advance lil one..enjoy the second birthday with loads of fun :)

  2. awww... Happy Birthday to your husband!

    and what's the special treat for the lill one? do write. I hope he gets many many toys and candies and goodies that birthdays generally bring! eeeeeeeeee, i am always excited when birthdays come around

  3. Aww- a nice way to let him know though. My Husband rarely reads my blog so it spoils the fun if you write something and then ask him to go there and check.

  4. How sweet!!! I'm sure he's gonna be thrilled on reading your bday wish! What's the plan for the lil fella's bday? Wish him a very happy bday and a long healthy happy life!

  5. How romantic!!:) and lovely! Birthday wishes to your hubby and advanced b'day wishes to kuttan!!

  6. Hi uma,
    beautiful words... straight from heart... :) :) n a very happy b'day to both the men!! cheers!!

  7. Awww... thats so sweet...With this poem, I am sure you won his heart all over again :-)

    My wishes to both your hubby and R.

  8. All: Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It means a lot.

    Nothing planned as such for R's birthday..but will definitely cut a cake with family around..

    Actually, I asked the hubby to read the poem before I published it because I couldn't wait till he reached the US, found time and read the blog..:-)
    But yes, he was touched and happy nevertheless..:

  9. Awwww....such a beautiful senti poem....the hubby must have been sooo touched;-).

    Happy Birthday Uma's husband, hope u had a good day:-)).

  10. What a wonderful way to Wish. Happy birthday to your hubby and Warm wishes and blessings to R! :)

  11. Thanks a ton for the warm wishes Nancy and Sahana :-)


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