R at 21 months

-R has begun to play imaginary games. He takes a cup and a spoon and feeds me imaginary "echam mammu" and "cham mammu".

-He is a very "fair child", meaning, if he plants a kiss on appa's cheek or hugs him, he'll immediately look for amma to balance the score.

-His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds by the day. He loves repeating the names of familiar objects to himself or to me as though to memorize or revise. While chanting those names, he'll pause and say, "apam, beya".(for apram, vera enna..meaning, "what else")

-The bed-time routine of brushing the teeth, changing into bedtime clothes and rocking him to sleep has been taken over by hubby a while ago. But R needs his blanky at any cost without which he refuses to sleep. This, he has been inspired by the sesame street "Nighty-Night book". Hubby would invariably forget the blanky and start to rock him, when R will remind him. So, hubby would call out to me to give it. These days, R has taken over that duty and as soon as hubby starts to rock him, R will call out my name and ask demand for the blanky!

-The throwing of things phase continues :-(. Thankfully, things do not go out of the windows these days.

-He loves watching songs over the computer. He calls them "daanchu paatu". He seems to have an ear for music and likes melodious ones. But, he doesn't like still pictures and hence cannot stomach too much of carnatic classical. Although he listens, after a while he'll start to squirm and demand "daanchu paatu". His favourite is this and this. A smile lights up his face whenever he listens to these.

-The other day, my mother called up and after talking to her, I handed over the phone to R. R amazed me and her by actually conversing with her. He waited for her to speak and he replied to her questions in turn. He also humoured her by saying a rhyme! Needless to say, the grandmother went gaga over him.


  1. Awww...love this age. My absolute favourite!! They're growing up fast but they're still babies aren't they? :) Good taste in music!

  2. Apam, beya -- TOOO CUTE !!!! Phone conversations already - that's sweet - I still sometimes have to prompt D :).

  3. R is so adorable..... "daanchu paatu" is chooo cute....

  4. Aparna: :-D yes, absolutely!
    maybe he has taken after his mom for his taste in music ;-)

    Aparna: :-D thanks Aparna...:-)

    Tan: Thanks Tan!

  5. That is so cute.. :)
    Grandparents don't need a thing to go gaga over children. :D

  6. So our man likes daanchu paatu?!! How cute! Mazhalai inidhu!

  7. Sahana: thanks Sahana..:-)
    yes, that's true!

    Vidya: first it was kampiter paatu and T.B daanch..then it became daanchu paatu..:-D

  8. Hey Uma - I'm not able to see a "Post a comment" link in your last two posts. Any idea why?

  9. hey Aparna, glad you brought to my notice of such a anomaly. To be honest, I was wondering why those posts weren't garnering any comment ;-). Will look into this..thanks so much! :-D

  10. Great.. you're welcome :).
    When i didn't see it for your first Hyd post, I thought it was a Blogger goof-up and I would find it if i check again later, but now that it was not in the second post, thought you should know.

  11. have set it right now..should be able to comment now..thanks again..:-)

  12. Thanks Swathi and welcome here! :-)


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