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Women power

I am amazed at the number of hits my post on Band Baaja Bride - a show on NDTV Goodtimes gets on any single day. This post is forever on the popular posts chart. The readers mostly stumble upon it via google while searching for information about the show and the way to participate in it. Sorry guys for being misled to my page. I am not even remotely connected to the channel, else would have provided more help.

I am just a regular fan of this channel- NDTV Goodtimes. It is a far cry from the other saas-bahu channels where a single issue is beaten to death by 50 shows with similar takes on the topic. An interesting feature I have noticed about this channel is the number of shows hosted, produced, written and directed by women. Most of the travel shows are some examples of this. I get the euphoric feeling just to see stereotypes broken when I watch cookery shows hosted by enthusiastic men and adventure shows spear headed by a female.

So, three cheers to women power and also to my 50th Post!!!

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  1. Congrats for your 50th post!! Keep going!! :)

  2. Congratulations on the 50th post! Keep writing and musing!!
    I too like NDTV good times, though I didn't realize that many of their shows were written and directed by women.

  3. Thanks Radhika and Aparna for the encouragement!!!
    Hope I keep going..:-)

  4. Congrats!!!! I am sure you'll soon be posting your 500th post too! :) Keep it going! Love ur writing and ur tales!


  5. Congrats on the 50th Uma :). Have become a big fan of your writing - Keep them coming!

    I am so disconnected from the TV nowadays, that I never got a chance to catch this one - what time does it air? I watch most of my series(reality and others) on my laptop (downloads), so not clued in to TV much except for news and the occasional movie :).

  6. Congratulations on the 50th Uma!! Looking forward to many more :) Love your style of writing.

  7. Congratulations Uma. Why only 50, there still are more to come.

    And I loved your template - shady gray. Classic.

  8. Purnima, Aparna, Simran, Prateek, : Thank you so much guys for the lovely words of encouragement!

    @Aparna I generally catch up on these shows at random-whenever I get some time to watch (repeat telecast), so haven't really noted down the time..:-)

    @Prateek Glad you liked the template.

    @All: Please keep visiting and commenting. You are my motivation :-)

  9. I looooove cookery shows on NDTV. And other programs too. They leave me feeling nice and light unlike the family dramas which make me feel grumbly :-) And Congratulations on ur 50th post dear!!!! Wishing u many more such milestones!!!!


  10. Same here and Thanks Sharada!!!


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